International Technical Jamboree

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International Technical Jamboree

CELF is hosting an International Technical Jamboree on 14th and 15th June, 2005 in Yokohama Japan. This is a technical conference to share knowledge and experience related to Linux and its use in consumer electronics devices. This is an open conference; all information is shared and any code presented must be available under an Open Source Initiative accepted license (preferably GPL or LGPL).

NOTE: No previous registration required. No admittance fee required

Call for Sessions

  • To propose a session topic, please send e-mail to the Jamboree coordinator.
  • 9 Slots (80 minutes each) for sessions are planned.
  • All sessions should be conducted in English.
  • Anyone can propose to present a session.
    • Non-CELF members are eligible to host sessions.


Time Slots

Day (1) 13th June
Time Item Detail/Presentation availability
09:00-10:20 Technical overview of Qt (our C++ GUI/app. framework) and its porting to embedded Linux- by John Ryland (Trolltech) (not available)
Coffe Break
10:30-11:50 Making Mobile Phone with CE Linux- by Masashige Mizuyama(Panasonic Mobile Communications) ITJ2005Detail 1-2 presentation available
12:30-13:20 Writing custom gfx_driver for DirectFB- by Katsuya Matsubara(Renesas/iGel) ITJ2005Detail 1-3 Presentation available
13:30-15:00 Technical Discussion: "Experiences with Open Embedded and the OMAP5912 Starter Kit" - by Steve Johnson(Matsushita/Panasonic) ITJ2005Detail 1-4 presentation available
Coffe Break
15:10-15:50 Technical Discussion: "Learning the Kernel, and Finding Performance Problems, with KFI"- by Tim Bird (Sony) ITJ2005Detail 1-5 - presentation available
16:00-17:20 Technical Discussion: ", a brand new open source effort aiming at creating an easy-to-deploy Linux platform for embedded devices"- by Markku Ursin ITJ2005Detail 1-6 presentation available
  • All sessions on day 1 are open to members and non-members alike.
Day (2) 14th June
Time Item Detail/presentation availability
09:00-10:20 Technical Discussion 1: XvFAT File System Development
Technical Discussion 2: Fast Boot/Shutdown with Power Management Function by Hiroyuki Machida (Sony)
Detail: Xv Fat Discussion
ITJ2005Detail 2-1 presentation available
Coffe Break
10:30-11:50 Technical Discussion: "UHAPI 4Linux, an Open Source implementation of the Universal Home API"- by John Vugts (Philips) and Arjen Klomp (Logica CMG) ITJ2005Detail 2-2 presentation available
13:00-14:20 Technical Discussion: "Embedded Linux Packaging and Development Toolkit for Consumer Electronics"- by Heung Nam Kim (ETRI) ITJ2005Detail 2-3 presentation available
Coffe Break
14:30-15:50 Technical Discussion: "Linux Kernel Tracer"- by Toru Nojiri (Hitachi) ITJ2005Detail 2-4 presentation available
16:00-16:30 Special Session: "Ottawa Linux Symposium and CE Linux Forum"- by Tim Bird (Architecture Group Chair) ITJ2005Detail 2-5 presentation available
16:30-17:00 CE Linux Forum Plenary Meeting (Forum Members limited)
17:00-19:00 CE Linux Forum, 2nd Anniversary Party (Non forum members are also welcomed. Free of charge)
  • All sessions on day 2 are open to members and non-members, except the session from 16:30 (4:30pm) to 17:00.
  • Sorry for my mistake in indicating the dates. The dates are 13th (Mon) and 14th (Tue) which are corrected on 17th May.