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[[File:Raspberry-pi-hub.PNG|link=R-Pi Hub|The RPi Hub|left]]
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[[R-Pi Hub]]
[[File:UKFlag.gif|80px|link=R-Pi Hub|R-Pi Hub]]
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[[FR:R-Pi Hub]]
[[File:FRFlag.PNG|80px|link=FR:R-Pi Hub|FR:R-Pi Hub]]
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[[DE:R-Pi Hub]]
[[File:DEFlag.png|80px|link=DE:R-Pi Hub|DE:R-Pi Hub]]
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[[JP:R-Pi Hub]]
[[File:JPFlag.png|80px|link=JP:R-Pi Hub|JP:R-Pi Hub]]
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[[ES:R-Pi Hub]]
[[File:ESFlag.png|80px|link=ES:R-Pi Hub|ES:R-Pi Hub]]
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[[File:RpiFront.jpg|300px|thumb|right|ラズベリーパイ ベータ版試作ボード (model B)]]
'''本サイト上のラズベリーパイのウイキページは、コミュニティによる文章です。ラズベリーパイ財団は、これらのページの内容について一切責任を負いません。 また、ラズベリーパイはまだ発売されておらず、このページは準備段階での情報で、現在、本番化のために作業中です。'''
ラズベリーパイは(略称:RPi)は、超低コストのクレジットカードサイズのLinuxコンピュータで、子供たちにコンピュータプログラミングを教えるために[http://www.raspberrypi.org ラズベリーパイ財団]によって開発されました。 この開発は、英国政府に公認された慈善事業であり(登録番号1129409)、特に学校レベルで、コンピュータ科学や関連する研究を促進するため、およびコンピューティングを学ぶ喜びを取り戻すために行っています。 我々は、このコンピュータで、先進国と途上国の両方で多くのアプリケーションが生まれることを期待しています。
* 最新ニュースは、[http://www.raspberrypi.org ラズベリーパイ財団のホームページ]、もしくは[http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum/general-discussion/conferences-and-other-public-appearances フォーラム]を参照ください。
* ラズベリーパイのよくある質問については、[http://www.raspberrypi.org/?page_id=8 FAQ]を参照ください。
* 本製品は、RoHS指令とCEマーキング適合品です。 あなたの国でのWEEE指令に関する詳細については、ラズベリーパイにお問い合わせください。
* 販売目標価格: Model A は25ドル、Model B は35ドルでの販売を予定しています。販売時期、発送については[[Buying RPi | 購入の手引き]]を参照ください。
* Confused about seeing different versions of the board? Visit the [[RpiHardwareHistory | History of the Raspberry Pi Hardware]] for information about the past versions.
* Wikipedia also has an entry for the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raspberry_Pi Raspberry Pi].
* Russell Davis (aka forum admin [[ukscone]]) has a series of blog articles recording his perspective of the [http://russelldavis.org/2012/01/14/the-raspberry-pi-part-one/ Raspberry Pi story] in several parts from the beginning.
* RegHardware did a very detailed analysis on the Raspberry Pi, [http://www.reghardware.com/2011/11/28/raspberry_pi/ well worth a read].
* You will often hear mention of the BBC Micro Computer when people talk about the purpose of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. See this article on the [http://www.reghardware.com/2011/11/30/bbc_micro_model_b_30th_anniversary/ history of the BBC Micro Computer].
==Getting Started==
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===[[Buying RPi |Buying Guide]]===
Purchase a Model A or Model B Raspberry Pi from the [http://www.raspberrypi.com Raspberry Pi Shop website]
More detailed information can be found on the [[Buying RPi | RPi Buying Guide]] page.
'''When available it will be announced! Do not purchase from anywhere else until official resellers have been confirmed!'''
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===[[RPi Hardware Basic Setup | Basic Hardware Setup]]===
* Ensure you have all the [[RPi Hardware Basic Setup#Typical_Hardware_You_Will_Need |equipment]] you need to go with your Raspberry Pi.
* Become familiar with the [[RPi Hardware Basic Setup#Connecting_Together | board layout and connect]] it ready for power up.
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===[[RPi Beginners | Beginners Guide]]===
You've just got your new Raspberry Pi device - what now?
See the [[RPi Beginners|Beginners Guide]] for information on setting up your Raspberry Pi Device for the first time or visit the [[RaspberryPiBoardProjects | RPi Projects, Guides & Tutorials]] pages to get started.
If you are really impatient and just want to get running , have a look at [[RaspberryPiFirstSteps]].
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===[[Rpi Hardware|Hardware]]===
*The [[Rpi Hardware]] is the size of a credit card, and is designed to be plugged into a [[Rpi_Screens|suitable screen]] such as a TV (via composite video) or HD TV or monitor (via HDMI).
*It comes in two varieties, A and B, with Model-B having more [[Rpi_Hardware#Specifications | features]].
*The unit will support a range of USB devices, [[RaspberryPiBoard#Accessories_.26_Peripherals | Peripherals and Accessories]] available to expand it's abilities and use.
*The [[Rpi Low-level peripherals| Low-level interfaces]] on each board allow the use of optional [[Rpi expansion boards|Expansion Boards]] for the use in a wide range of Projects.
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===[[Rpi_Software |Distributions & Software]]===
*There are a number of operating systems and pre-configured images for use with the Raspberry Pi, available in the [[RaspberryPiBoardDistributions | Distributions]] section.
*Main distributions include [[RaspberryPiBoardDistributions#Debian_ARM | Debian ARM]], [[RaspberryPiBoardDistributions#Fedora | Fedora]], [[RaspberryPiBoardDistributions#KidsRuby | KidsRuby]] etc.
*The Raspberry Pi is focused on [[RPi Programming | Programming]] and supports a wide range of languages, many tutorials are available.
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===[[RaspberryPiBoardProjects |Projects, Guides & Tutorials]]===
*The main source of information and guides at the moment is the [http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum Official Raspberry Pi Forum] and some within the [[RaspberryPiBoardTasks |Tasks area]]
*More projects and tutorials will be added to this [[RaspberryPiBoardProjects | Section]].
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===[[RPi Community |Supporting Communities]]===
*The [[RPi Community |Raspberry Pi Community]] is steadily growing, so get involved where-ever you want to and share.
*[http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum Official Raspberry Pi Forum]
*[http://www.frambozenbier.org/index.php/raspi-forum Frambozenbier (Raspberry Pi Homebrew)]
*[http://www.raspberrypiforums.com/forum Un-Official Raspberry Pi Discussion Forum]
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===[[Rpi Education|Schools, Universities, Clubs & Groups]]===
Doing a project at school or have a Raspberry Pi Club, add it in this section to allow others to follow your progress!
*A key aspect of the Raspberry Pi Foundation's aims is to encourage education, several groups including [http://www.computingatschool.org.uk/ Computing At School] aim to bring Computing Science back into schools.
*We also have a bunch of [[RaspberryPiBoard/EducationalLinks |educational links]] about RPi and tangent subjects.
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===[[RPi Visitor Book |Visitor Book]]===
*Share your thoughts, ideas, comments and thanks within the visitor book.
*If you have any interesting articles or links which you want to share you can add them here.
==About the RPi Wiki==
[[File:Rasp_turn_around.gif|200px|thumb|right|A 3D rendering of the Raspberry Pi logo by forum user Antario. [http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum/projects-and-collaboration-general/raspberry-pi-3d-logo-animation Source]]]
This wiki is '''open''' for the community.  You are encouraged to sign up and add your own projects, guides and correct anything within it.
It is important that users like you continue to add to and grow this wiki, that way others will be able to come and do the same making the wiki a valuable resource.
'''Do not be afraid to add your bit, content is vital for the wiki to function.'''
See [[Help:Editing | Help Editing The Wiki]] and the [[Special:Upload | Upload File]] link (on the left sidebar) to reference images.
=== Translations ===
The wiki is being translated into several languages, some of which can be seen on the hub banner above. Current languages include:
* English: [[R-Pi Hub]]
* French: [[FR:R-Pi Hub]]
* German: [[DE:R-Pi Hub]]
* Japanese: [[RaspberryPiBoard-jp|jp:RaspberryPiBoard-jp]]
* Portugese: [[pt-BR: Raspberry Pi Board]]
* Russian: [[ru:RaspberryPiBoard]]
* Spanish: [[ES:R-Pi Hub]]
Any help translating would be greatly appreciated.
Please see the [[Talk:R-Pi_Hub]] page for outstanding issues and discussions regarding the RPi Hub and related pages.
''Big thanks to elinux.org and their groups for the wiki space and content from which these pages have been grown.''

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