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Japan Technical Jamboree / 日本テクニカルジャンボリー

Next: See below URL / 次回開催日は? 次のURLをご覧ください

Registration / 参加登録

  • Registration not required / 参加登録は不要です


Outline of "Jamboree"

  • This page is for the announcements of the Japan Technical Jamboree.
    • {i} What is "CELF Jamboree"?
      • This is one of the technical discussion place of CE Linux Forum. Like young guy get together around a camp fire and talk freely about their dream, we hope it to be one of the exciting place to discuss about the technology of the embedded system software based on the Open Source Community manner.
      • In Japan, this event will be held regularly (once in two month). If you would like to volunteer to operate your regional Jamboree, CE Linux Forum will be happy to support you. To that case, please contact Forum Office of CELF, office@celinuxforum.org.
      • This page is prepared by Satoru Ueda (Sony). Satoru(dot)Ueda(a)jp(dot)sony(dot)com

For non Japanese speakers

  • /!\ Note: For non Japanese speakers.
    • Because of the nature of Japan regional event, you may see so many texts in Japanese. We do apologize for inconvenience of non Japanese speakers.
    • Some of the volunteers are translating the Japanese materials into English.

Guidance Page / ガイダンス

  • If you would like to know the further detail of Japan Technical Jamboree, please refer to the guidance page: JapanTechnicalJamboreeGuidance
  • こちらのページに、ジャンボリーの詳細や、CELFメーリングリスト参加の方法、Wikiへの書き込みのしかた等を記載してあります。

Announcement from the organizer / 主催者からのお知らせ

Organizers / 主催者

  • Following persons are voluntarily organizing the event. / このイベントは下記のボランティアによって運営されています。
    • Hisao Munakata (Renesas): munakata(dot)hisao(a)renesas(dot)com
    • Satoru Ueda (Sony): Satoru(dot)Ueda(a)jp(dot)sony(dot)com

Coming Jamborees / 今後の予定

Call for sessions / 話題提供のお願い

  • We welcome your session proposals. So long as they are related embedded open source software technologies, not limited on Linux kernel stuff, we will accept your proposals. / 話題提供は随時受け付けています。組込みシステムに関連するオープンソースソフトウエアに関する話題でしたら構いません。リナックスカーネルにこだわりません。
    • Due date / 締め切り日:
      • There is no due date to propose your sessions. However, for the convenience of the atendees and the organizers, we hope you to tell the organizer at least one week ahead of each event. / 締め切り日の規定も有りません。但し参加者と主催者への配慮からジャンボリーの日から1週間前までに申し出ていただけると幸いです。
    • How to propose / 申し込み方法:
      • Send e-mail to the organizers with your session title, outline and required time. / 主催者に、タイトル、概要それと必要な時間を電子メールでお知らせください。

Dress code / 服装について

  • "Casual". Even if you can not find your seat, you may sit on the floor!
  • 楽な服装でおこしください。会場が満杯の場合は床が絨毯ですので・・・。