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  • The Japan Technical Jamboree is a forum-wide technical meeting of the CE Linux Forum. This meeting will be located conveniently in Japan and use Japanese as the native language of the event.
  • Attendance is not limited to the CELF members, but is open to all. Everyone who is interested in embedded Linux technologies is welcomed. There is no admission fee.
  • A general guidance page is available. JapanTechnicalJamboreeGuidance (Japanese/English)

Coordinators: (Your inquiries in English welcome).

  • Hisao Munakata (munakata.hisao(a)renesas.com)
  • Satoru Ueda (Satoru.Ueda(a)jp.sony.com)

前回のWiki / Previous Jamboree Wiki Page

Table Of Contents


Date and Place

* 2月22日(木) / February 22nd (Thu), 2007
 * From 10:00am to 6pm(会議室は9時まで予約してあります/ Meeting room booked until 9 pm.)  
* Venue
 * Nakano Sun Plaza
 * [[1]] (Japanese)
  * English page is not available, however it is very easy to access.  Just near by of "Nakano" station, JR Chuo Line and Tokyo Metro (Subway) Tozai Line. 
  * The Nakano station is on the Chuo main line, west of Shinjuku station.  Here is a
  [Railways map of the Tokyo area]
* 場所:中野サンプラザ[[2]] Location: Nakano Sun Plaza
 * JR中央線・東京メトロ東西線中野駅北口すぐ 
* Good News!: この会場ではインターネットへのフリーアクセスが可能です。当日はWireless LANを設置します。(Free access to the Internet is available. Wireless Lan will be set up on the day.)
* 電源延長ケーブルをお持ちの方はご持参ください。(Come with your AC power extension cable if possible)
* 楽な服装でどうぞ。


* 参加登録は、[[3]]のページから。
 * /!\ 参加登録は大まかな参加人数把握のためにお願いしています。入力をされても確認メールは発信されません。
* Registration site is [[4]].

進行の目安 / Agenda

時間 / Time 内容 / Session Title 資料 / Materials
10:00am..10:30 連絡事項・自己紹介<
>Opening notice / Self introduction
10:30am..11:30 "Hello World!" Cell Processor (FIXSTARS) attachment:CELF_HelloCell_20070222.zip
11:30am..12:30pm Lunch
12:30pm..1:15 Cell broadband engine, SPE assisted user space device driver (Sony) attachment:20070222-Cell-Cloop-e.pdf
1:15pm..1:45 New Kurobako as ARM reference hardware<
> S. Goto (Buffalo)
1:45pm..2:30 RAM consumption reduction by delayed load <
> T. Yamamoto (MEI)
attachment:CELF_LazyLoading_20070222.pdf (Japanese) <
> attachment:CELF_LazyLoading_20070222-en.txt (english/text) <
> attachment:CELF_LazyLoading_20070222_en.pdf (English)
2:30pm..3:00pm Break
3:00pm..3:30 Summarizing Linux virtual memory system / Session for beginers <
>T. Kobayashi (Aplix)
attachment:virtual_memory_20070222.ppt (Japanese) <
> attachment:virtual_memory_20070222-en.ppt (english)
3:30pm..4:00 Evaluation of MIPS pre-link <
>K. Yagi (Mitsubishi)
attachment:Evaluation_MIPS_PreLink.pdf (Japanese) <
> attachment:Evaluation_MIPS_PreLink-en.txt (english/text)
4:30pm..5:00 Performance Measurement of PPC64 RT patch (update) <
>T. Owa (Toshiba)
attachment:CELF_PPC64_RT_20070222.pdf (Japanese) <
> attachment:CELF_PPC64_RT_20070222-en.txt (english/text)
5:00pm..5:30 Porting pre-empt RT patch on SuperH <
>K. Matsubara (igel)
attachment:preempt070222celfjambo13.pdf (Japanese) <
> attachment:preempt070222celfjambo13-en.txt (english/text)
5:30pm..6:00 Apply "System TAP" for embedded system<
>T. Nojiri (Hitachi)

Discussion Items

* We are now calling for discussion items.  Please feel free to send your subject to the coordinators!

Special Session

* We are calling for the discussion items!

General Session

* We are calling for the discussion items!

Project Update Session

* We are calling for the discussion items!

デモンストレーション / Demonstration

* デモンストレーションも歓迎します。
* We welcome your technical demonstration.

はじめて参加される方に(For Newcomers)

 * ガイダンスページを作りました。お役に立てば幸いです。JapanTechnicalJamboreeGuidance  (Guidance page has been prepared. Hope it helps.)

お知らせ / Notice