Japan Technical Jamboree 14

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Apr. 27, 2007

Notice / お知らせ

NOTE: The following content was grabbed from the last internet archive snapshot for this page. No wikitext or raw text was available, therefore this is a cut and paste of the text on the page:



The Japan Technical Jamboree is a forum-wide technical meeting of the CE Linux Forum. This meeting will be located conveniently in Japan and use Japanese as the native language of the event. Attendance is not limited to the CELF members, but is open to all. Everyone who is interested in embedded Linux technologies is welcomed. There is no admission fee. A general guidance page is available. JapanTechnicalJamboreeGuidance (Japanese/English)

Coordinators: (Your inquiries in English welcome). Hisao Munakata (munakata.hisao(a)renesas.com) /!\ Satoru Ueda (Satoru.Ueda(a)jp.sony.com) is not coordinate on this time.

上田は今回は都合により参加しません。宗像がコーディネートします。 前回のWiki / Previous Jamboree Wiki Page JapanTechnicalJamboree13

今回のハイライト / Main session Embedded Linux Conference 2007を振り返って / Review ELC 2007 オタワリナックスシンポジウムに向けて / Ottawa Linux Symposium 2007 Table Of Contents Contents

Introduction Coordinators: (Your inquiries in English welcome). 前回のWiki / Previous Jamboree Wiki Page 今回のハイライト / Main session Table Of Contents Date and Place Registration 進行の目安 / Agenda Discussion Items Special Session General Session Project Update Session デモンストレーション / Demonstration はじめて参加される方に(For Newcomers) お知らせ / Notice

Date and Place 4月27日(金) / April 27th (Fri), 2007

From 10:00am to 6pm(会議室は9時まで予約してあります/ Meeting room booked until 9 pm.) Venue

Nakano Sun Plaza

Homepage (Japanese)

English page is not available, however it is very easy to access. Just near by of "Nakano" station, JR Chuo Line and Tokyo Metro (Subway) Tozai Line. The Nakano station is on the Chuo main line, west of Shinjuku station. Here is a Japan Railways map of the Tokyo area

場所:中野サンプラザHomepage Location: Nakano Sun Plaza

JR中央線・東京メトロ東西線中野駅北口すぐ Good News!: この会場ではインターネットへのフリーアクセスが可能です。当日はWireless LANを設置します。(Free access to the Internet is available. Wireless Lan will be set up on the day.)

電源延長ケーブルをお持ちの方はご持参ください。(Come with your AC power extension cable if possible) 楽な服装でどうぞ。 Registration 参加登録は、こちらのページから。

/!\ 参加登録は大まかな参加人数把握のためにお願いしています。入力をされても確認メールは発信されません。

Registration site is here.

進行の目安 / Agenda 時間 / Time

内容 / Session Title

資料 / Materials http://tree.celinuxforum.org/CelfPubWiki/JapanTechnicalJamboreeGuidance?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=call4Volunteer.gif


連絡事項・自己紹介 Opening notice / Self introduction


Review Embedded Linux Conference 2007 Panel discussion (Attendants of ELC 2007)





組込みLinux開発環境 / Embedded Linux Development Environment Windows上でCygwin,vmware,coLinuxを使い、コンパイル時間を比較 by Keisuke Yasui (Toshiba)

DebugEnv.pdf (Japanese) DebugEnv-en.txt (english)


Technology Summary: "Hints to achieve quick boot up" by K. Fukumoto (Sharp)

draft_PresentationMaterial.pdf (Draft. Subject to change. Japanese) draft_PresentationMaterial-en.txt (Draft; subject to change; english/text)


"Experience of Emdebian" by T. Ohkubo (Sharp)

EmdebianExperience.pdf (Japanese) _draft_EmdebianExperience-en.txt (Draft; subject to change; english/text)


"Summarizing Dynamic linking" Session for beginers by Tetsuyuki Kobayashi (Aplix)

dynamiclink_1_20070423.ppt (Japanese) dynamiclink_1_20070423-en.ppt (english)


ELC 2007 アンコールセッション ELC 2007 Encore Sessions


TomoyoLinux - A Lightweight and Manageable Security System for PC and Embedded Linux by ToshiharuHarada, Tetsuo Handa, Kei Masumoto, Kentaro Takeda (NTT Data)

http://sourceforge.jp/projects/tomoyo/document/elc2007-presentation-20070418.pdf (requires PDF 1.6 or later, flash object embedded) http://sourceforge.jp/projects/tomoyo/document/elc2007-presentation-20070418-for_linux.pdf (shoud work with most PDF readers) http://sourceforge.jp/projects/tomoyo/document/elc2007-tutorial-20070418.pdf


Review of "Linux Audio Conference 2007" By Masayoshi Sahara (Yamaha)



Linux Realtime Preemption by Katsuya Matsubara (igel)

preempt070427celfjambo14.odp (English (+bonus slides in Japanese)) preempt070427celfjambo14-en.odp (English) preempt070427celfjambo14.pdf (English (+bonus slides in Japanese)) Bonus-Slides-for-TJ14-en.txt (bonus slides in english/text)


Cell broadband engine, SPE assisted user space device driver by Hiroyuki Machida



Direct FB by Takanari Hayama (igel)



Deferred Dynamic Loading by Masashige Mizuyama


Schedule may be delay and to be flexible because of many items are expected to be added. CELF-TJ14-memo.txt (Japanese) CELF-TJ14-memo-en.txt (english) <= Meeting memo by T.Ishizaki(Panasonic). Thanks! ;)

Discussion Items We are now calling for discussion items. Please feel free to send your subject to the coordinators! Special Session We are calling for the discussion items!

General Session We are calling for the discussion items!

Project Update Session We are calling for the discussion items!

デモンストレーション / Demonstration デモンストレーションも歓迎します。 We welcome your technical demonstration. はじめて参加される方に(For Newcomers) ガイダンスページを作りました。お役に立てば幸いです。JapanTechnicalJamboreeGuidance (Guidance page has been prepared. Hope it helps.)

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