Jetson/L4T/r32.5.x patches

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[MMAPI] resnet10_dynamic_batch.onnx is missing in the release
[MMAPI] 08_video_dec_drm cannot render in 60fps
[MMAPI] Issues in VP9 encoding
[MMAPI] NVOSD Circle Color
[gstreamer] fail to play h263 stream through nvgstplayer-1.0


[camera] nvarguscamerasrc: fix public source compile failed
[camera] nvarguscamerasrc: some camera module failed launch multiple sensors.
[camera] 3rdparty application fails to open with USB camera
[camera] V4L2_CID_ARGUS_METADATA failed
[camera] IMX477 on Nano capture failed by v4l2-ctl
[camera] Nvgstcapture streaming failed if sensor mode smaller than 30 fps
[Multi-camera] patch to fix "Invalid sensor placement is set" failure.


[Disk Encryption] a bug fix in decrypting buffer (customize eks.img)


[Xavier] NX CAN parent clock is changed from "osc" to "pllc", while AGX Xavier still has "osc" clock.


[flash] BUP generation fails on nano
[flash] flashcmd.txt cause A03 NX not able boot correctly
[performance] OC-throttling
[TX2 NX][EEPROM] Enable /dev/i2c-7 interface for EEPROM reading on TX2 NX.

[Bluetooth] PS4 gamepad will connect then disconnect consistently when running JP 4.5.1 on a Nano 4GB