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Software Solution

On Jetson, there are mainly three software solutions:

1. Multimedia Low Level API

> Multimedia Low Level API provides V4L2 APIs to operate the Jetson SOC HW accelerators, i.e. NVENC, NVDEC, Display, VIC, Camera, etc 
> Doc :  
> Sample code: /usr/src/jetson_multimedia_api/   , on Jetson device after device system installed via SDKManager

2. GStreamer

> NVIDIA provides many GStreamer plugins for Jetson HW accelerators, e.g. NVDEC. NVENC, VIC(video image converter), Display/Render and so on 
> User can use these plugins along with the other non-NVIDIA GST plugin for the application development 
> Jetson GStreamer plugin document - L4T Accelerated GStreamer User Guide (access after login  
> All NVIDIA GST Plugins are installed on Jetson device via SDKManager 

3. DeepStream

> DeepStream is a GStreamer based framework. User can implement their application quickly by some configuration or few modification 
> Doc:  
> DeepStream Code: /opt/nvidia/deepstream/ , on Jetson device after you installed DeepStream
> DeepStream is installed via SDKManager or downloaded from, and install it following