Jetson TX2/28.2.1 patches

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Fix missing timestamp for vi4

  • Symptom/observe: first few green/corruption frames
patch link

Fix FE syncpt wait (observe first 3 green/corruption frames)

  • Symptom/observe: can not get the timestamp by v4l2 interface
patch link

Error handling mechanism for T186 (recovery mechanism)

  • Symptom/observe: feature implement for T186.
Patch link:

Fix multiple sources per single session can't launch 4 and above sensors.

  • Symptom/observe: Argus - Syncing multiple source single session can't open 4 and above sensors.
patch link


[MMAPI]Cannot run NvVideoDecoder in loop

patch link

[GSTREAMER]Memory leak in nvcompositor

patch link


[PIN config] DPx_AUX_CH_xx as i2c function.

patch link

[script for flash multiple device]

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