Jetson nsight system

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This page describes how to use Nsight System on Jetson L4T system


Jetson Nsight System must be installed via SDKManager
NSys User Guide:

Install NS on x86 Linux Host

1. Install Nsight System via SDKManager

Just click Continue to install Nsight System on x86 Linux System.

2. Verify Installation
After installation is done, you can open it with "nsight-sys" command as below.

Install NS on Jetson Device

Note: on the newly installed Jetson system, there is not Nsight System on it.
1. Installation Steps

  1. On x86, launch the Nsight system installed via SDKManager as described above
  2. In Nsight System, create a new project, and connect to Jetson device as below, this step will install the Nsight target binaries ontO Jetson device

2. Verify Installation
After installation, nsys locates under /opt/nvidia/nsight_systems/ .


Remote Profile (UI)

User can run Nsight System on Host and remotely profile the application running on Jetson. User can select several options to enable the corresponding proiling.

Local Profile

User can check the profile option

$ /opt/nvidia/nsight_systems/nsys profile --help

Profile Application


Run an application and capture its profile into a QDSTRM file, and view it in Nsys GUI profiler

One exmaple to profile TRT inference:
$ sudo /opt/nvidia/nsight_systems/nsys profile -t cuda,nvtx,nvmedia,osrt --accelerator-trace=nvmedia --show-output=true --force-overwrite=true --delay=20 --duration=90 --output=%p /usr/src/tensorrt/bin/trtexec --loadEngine=yolo_dla_0_bs20.engine --useDLACore=0 --batch=20
Options: --accelerator-trace=nvmedia : enable profile DLA --delay : start profiling after 20 seconds --duration : profile time
View Log

Import QDSTRM file into GUI Nsys:
1. TensorRT and DLA Inference Time

2. CUDA Kernel Run Time

3. Enqueue Time