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Jolla is a mobile Linux phone based on Sailfish OS and Mer.

Developing for Jolla

To develop applications for Jolla, you need to download the SailFish SDK.

Tech FAQ

How to connect to SSH over usb connection from PC

the usb is either usb_storage or usb_net

  1. enable developer mode
  2. enable SSH (it's openssh, not dropbear)
  3. set password
  4. goto usb settings
  5. change that to developer mode
  6. reconnect usb cable
  7. you should see the ip address of the device on the UI
  8. you should be able to ssh to that address from PC (set an ip address first)

How is The Other Half connecting to the Phone?

  • NFC (a unique ID)
  • I²C (bandwidth/pins unknown as of yet)
    • 1,8V I2C (400kHz default setting in kernel)
    • Other half expected to work in slave mode, phone is master
    • Dedicated INT GPIO (1,8V) for interrupts
  • power in (for charging)
  • power out (for using battery)
    • 3,3V VDD (max 300mA, preferrably < 150mA to avoid thermal issues)

and of course also

  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • USB

where do i put .apk file

  1. download from web and choose install


  1. go into developer mode
  2. put the .apk file into /data/app/ (chown to root)
  3. if icon doesn't show up automagically "systemctl restart apkd.service" (or reboot device)

How is the software structured

  1. jolla hw adaptation for device
  2. mer
  3. nemo
  4. sailfishos middle layer
  5. sailfishos UI
  6. native apps or android app via emulator or html5 apps via browser(gecko engine)

What kind of new software is used

  • kernel 3.4
  • btrfs as rootfs
  • ext4 mounts
  • systemd with journal
  • pulseaudio
  • wayland
  • qt5.1
  • libhybris (for andriod support?)

Jolla Hardware

This is a basic overview of the hardware subsystems of the Jolla phone. Please populate the items. See for one suggested style.

  • Audio
  • Video
  • USB
  • User interaction
    • Touchscreen
    • Accelerometer
    • GPS
    • Magnetometer
    • Gyroscope
    • Switches
    • Proximity Sensor
    • Light sensor
  • Power managment
    • Battery
    • Charge meter
  • Phone
    • Phone module
    • SIM
  • CPU
    • Core System on Chip
    • RAM
    • Flash