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[[Category JuiceBox]]

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(file stdint.h)

#ifndef __STDINT_H
#define __STDINT_H

typedef unsigned long int uint32_t;
typedef unsigned short int uint16_t;
typedef unsigned char uint8_t;

typedef long int int32_t;
typedef short int int16_t;
typedef char int8_t;

      char     int8_t_incorrect[(sizeof(int8_t)==1)?1:-1];     
      char     uint8_t_incorrect[(sizeof(uint8_t)==1)?1:-1];     

      char     int16_t_incorrect[(sizeof(int16_t)==2)?1:-1];     
      char     uint16_t_incorrect[(sizeof(uint16_t)==2)?1:-1];     

      char     int32_t_incorrect[(sizeof(int32_t)==4)?1:-1];     
      char     uint32_t_incorrect[(sizeof(uint32_t)==4)?1:-1];     
} s;