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Sample code. You'll need an ARM cross compiler. Modify makefile to fit your installation path. No C runtime, minimal init, and no support--what more could you want?

  • Makefile (test_1.mak): [[[JuiceBox Code Test Makefile]]]
  • Startup code (crt0.s): [[[JuiceBox Code Test Startup]]]
  • Main source code (test_1.c): [[[JuiceBox Code Test Main]]]
  • Linker command script (test_1.dld): [[[JuiceBox Code Test Linker]]]

Here's another demo, this time with some LCD action.

  • Precompled demo in .elf format (warning: untested): Media:lcd_1.elf
  • Makefile (lcd_1.mak): [[[JuiceBox Code Lcd Makefile]]]
  • Startup code (crt0.s): [[[JuiceBox Code Lcd Startup]]]
  • Main source code (lcd_1.c): [[[JuiceBox Code Lcd Main]]]
  • CPU header file (s3c44b0x.h): [[[JuiceBox Code Lcd Cpu Header]]]
  • Linker command scripts (lcd_1.dld): [[[JuiceBox Code Lcd Linker]]]
  • Standard width integer header file (stdint.h): [[[JuiceBox Code Lcd Std Int]]]

LCD demo #2 (featuring a 5x7 font LCD-like font)

  • Tarball containing source and binary files (elf and raw binary format): Media:lcd_2.tgz

NAND flash read demo #1. Be sure and turn off the cache, as this app loads into the on-chip SRAM at 0x10001000. (Write 0x08 to 0x01c00000 to convert the cache to sram.)

  • Tarball containing source and binary files (elf and raw binary format): Media:nand_1.tgz

MMC/SD demo. Warning: this demo will format the MMC/SD card. You will lose any existing data on the MMC/SD card. There will be no filesystem on the card once the demo completes. Use 'dd' to extract the raw data from the card. You'll also want to have some NAND flash wired in. Sorry for the messy hacked up code...didn't have much time to clean it all up.

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