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* JTAG application - [[Media:jtag_src.tgz]]
* JTAG application - [[Media:jtag_src.tgz]]
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* [[Using Jtag Tools]]
* [[UsingJtagTools|Using JTAG Tools with the JuiceBox]]
* [[Using Jtager]]
* [[Using Jtager]]
* nTRST is also connected to the nRESET circuit(cpu pin 50)
* nTRST is also connected to the nRESET circuit(cpu pin 50)

Latest revision as of 15:36, 16 December 2008

  • Detail of rear pads.
Jb jtag back.jpg
  • Component side JTAG connections.
Jb jtag top.jpg
  • This photo (below) shows the same area of the board, resistors and vias as in the photo above, however this board is clearly different. The board was labled as "PVP-01 Rev:02A" (just as in the top photo detailing the back-side JTAG pads) so I am at a loss to explain the differences. The three resistors in the vertical line appear to be labled R21, R24, and R23 from top to bottom.
  • Also note that the [unused] CPU pads are soldermasked in this picture, but are bare [gold] in the picture above.
  • The nTRST line must be deasserted (physically high) for JTAG to work. Since R23 pulls this line high, it can be left floating.
  • In some versions of the JB, this reset is tied to the CPU reset line, (thus resetting both JTAG and the CPU when it is pulled down). This is not the case with Revision PVP-01 Rev:02A.


NOTE: please use a 3.3v compatible jtag device when connecting to the JuiceBox. the Cheap Tag device is NOT compatible. see the JTAG page for some resources.

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