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JuiceWare Cartirdge Hardware Specifications:

  • OTP ROM is a Matrix Semiconductor, Inc.(Purchased by SanDisk in January 2006) OTP (One-Time-Programmable) 3-D MEMORY NAND Interface, 32-pin TSOP, in 16MB, 32MB, and 64MB sizes.
  • PCB is a 0.72mm thick, 2 layer, plate-thru holes, solder masked printed circut board. The PCB includes the OTP ROM, 3 caps, 3 res, and the 22 contact cardedge.
  • [[[Media:DS0043DMTSOPR1.11_062405.pdf]] Datasheet]

Top Media:juiceware00.png Side Media:juiceware01.png PCB Layout Media:juiceware06a.png Cardedge Layout Media:cardedge.png

  • Enclosure is a two piece plastic case, held together with 3 screws.

Top Media:juiceware02.png Bottom Media:juiceware03.png

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