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OMG it doesn't work Stay calm it's probably something simple.

  • Start by verifying that the Juicebox works without the adapter.
  • Then, if you have one, make sure that a Juiceware cartridge works (the mp3 kit doesn't help much, it uses different lines).

If the Juicebox still works you can concentrate on the socket adapter you just made.

  • Take it apart and inspect everything;
    • The wires (loose, shorted?)
      • Use tweezers to lightly tug on each wire to make sure it is securely attached.
      • A good magnifying glass or loupe can help you see shorts between the connections.
      • Starting from the socket end trace out each wire - this can be done visually or with a meter.
    • The gold fingers (glue, dirt, damage?)
      • Use glue remover to clean glue from the fingers.
      • A pencil eraser can be used to clean dirt from the gold fingers (use it lightly).
      • You may be able to glue down a lifted finger. I have had limited success doing this.
    • Do the parts fit together properly?
      • The screws should go in easily.
      • There should be no gaps along the edges.

The type of error might be an indication of what is wrong;

  • If the Juicebox doesn't boot with the adapter installed - the cause is likely to be a short.
  • If the cartridge test doesn't detect that there is an xD card installed - there is probably a loose wire or a mis-wire.
  • If the memory is detected but the wrong ID or memory size is displayed - check the wiring of the data bus.
    • The memory size should be printed on the xD card.
      • The memory test may not work on all xD card sizes (less than 1G only?) - try a smaller one.
    • It may be difficult to find the ID of a particular card - The true manufacturer might not be the one whose name is printed on it.
      • The Kodak xD used in this example is made by Toshiba. Toshiba has the same ID as Matrix just to add to the confusion.
  • If the test image doesn't run, make sure each step of the write is working, a problem here may indicate an issue with the nWR or WP wires;
    • Erase: after the erase all bytes in the block should be 0xFF.
    • Program: the checksum will change between the erase and program steps.
    • Read back the first few sectors and verify that the image was written in correctly.

If none of this helps you can email me juiceboxfan AT yahoo dot com with the symptoms. This is not an email that gets checked regularly so I will apologize in advance for being slow to respond.

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