Kernel areas of focus for mainlining

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This page has a list of areas of the kernel where multiple SoCs have code out-of-tree, or that appear to need some work in order to accommodate contribution of device-related software.


The following table shows major out-of-tree areas of code, for mobile phone products based on the 3.4 Linux kernel. Although this kernel is quite old, it was the one currently shipping in phones in late 2014 and early 2015, when this analysis was done. It demonstrates the major technical areas where vendors used out-of-tree kernel code, for that generation of products.

The table shows different phones, and the number of lines they have out-of-mainline for several different kernel areas. The analysis was done using the upstream-analysis-tools (See Since this task was mostly automated, the results here should not be considered definitive. That is, most of the categorization of diffs was done using regex matches on the file paths. Although this can result in some mis-categorizations of diffs, the results appear to show general patterns which may be of interest.

Note that the table shows the number of insertions (or changes). The number of deletions was found to be inconsequential for this analysis.

Manufacturer/phone/SoC => LG/G3/Qcom Samsung/Galaxy 4/Exynos Acer/E3/Mediatek Asus/Zenfone 6/Atom Huawei/P6/Hisilicon Sony/Z3/Qcom
Kernel area
Mach specific 417411 89118 ? ? ? 393767
Media 131811 163540 ? 1466714 153032 124973
Video 221550 176787 37876 38785 238267 214027
Wireless 110946 123308 387214 91449 122501 81502
Sound 216643 86127 12932 74057 19250 213137
Input 107334 51160 2752 53321 35410 62930
Camera 66989 1342 7900 1024348 51065 56744
GPU 53345 172300 114932 36545 198323 53468
Power 61912 7635 94059 66629 45127 46173
USB 99295 35366 30795 34074 121075 98663
Notable other Prima - 565210 firmware - 101069 i2c - 105744 reg - 90034

Technical areas

Here are some lists of things to get mainlined, in different technical areas:










  • USB-gadget to charger interface
    • Currently in progress at Linaro.
  • Code for external vbus and ID detection (looks like extcon was created for stuff like this - ish, it's mainly a mainlining of the Android switch API though it probably does fit)

Notes from ksummit-discuss list

  • RGB leds - not the same as 3 leds, and sometimes have hardware acceleration
  • battery over-discharge protection
  • charger (there are 3 different chargers on N900)
  • voice link to modem (Nokia says ALSO is not suitable for modem audio)
  • userspace (mini-distro?) for testing
  • suspend-to-ram