Lab Test Kernel Size Regression

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This page describes a test developed for use with the CELF Open Test Lab. See Open Test Lab for details.

Table Of Contents:


This test measures the size of the Linux kernel in a few fixed configurations, and compares this with historical data for kernel size. This test uses 'target' to build a baseline kernel image, and then uses bloat-o-meter to compare the function size data from this kernel with that of a previous kernel. Any function or data object which increases in size by more than a fixed percentage is highlighted.

The purpose of this test is to automatically detect size regressions in the Linux kernel, to assist developers in identifying and helping to ameliorate gratuitous size increases.


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To Do

Things to work on:

  • create this test based on Lab Test Kernel Config Sizes test
  • Once a size regression is detected, it would we should perform a git binary search to find the offending patch which caused the size increase - then e-mail an appropriate party about the problem.
  • It would be nice to send a "thank you" notice for size improvements as well. :)
  • need to determine the best format for publishing the data.


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