LeapFrog Pollux Platform: Cartridge Settings

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This is a list of the jumper settings for gpiob[2:5] on an Explorer cartridge. These are settings found on the actual cartridge and dictate what type of cart it is, ie read only, ECC, writable, etc. Please add any information you find about cartridge booting.

Explorer or Didj cart type jumpers:

gpiob4 - Explorer(low) or Didj(high) cart

gpiob5 - OTP(low) or RW(high)

Explorer specific cart types:

 #define NAND_CART_DEVELOPMENT   0xF     /* 1111 : Development = NAND, writable, ECC on */
 #define NAND_CART_MANUFACTURING 0xB     /* 1011 */
 #define NAND_CART_PRODUCTION    0x7     /* 0111 : Production = OTP, ECC off */

more info can be found here: