LeapFrog Pollux Platform: Create RGB Image

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How to make your own .rgb files

I'd like to thank Nirvous, NullMoogleCable, PhillKll, Claude, JKent, Jburks, GrizzlyAdams and anyone I may have forgotten for their help :)

This is pretty simple, the didj 'imager' app. wants raw 24bit files, R8G8B8, to do this I downloaded the popular image viewing package called Irfanview. It has some editing features in it and it will let you save files in different formats too (as long as its got the necessary plugins for your file type).

It also wants the resolution to be <= 320x240, using 'imager', anything over this size will not display properly, anything below this size will be displayed cropped with the top left corner being the screen anchor point. Imager does not clear the screen before it displays an image, so if you don't want the previous screen to show you should add borders where appropriate in your favourite image editor.

Steps needed to convert an image to .rgb

1. Download and install IrfanView

2. Open your image file in irfanview

3. go to the file menu and choose 'Save As'

4. set the 'Save As Type' box to 'RAW -Raw image data' make sure the color order is set to 'RGB' and that the 'Interleaved' radio button is selected.

5. Double check your settings and hit the save button

6. browse to where you saved the file and you should have a file with a .raw extension, change it to .rgb

7. connect to usb and enable mass storage with your favourite method (I use djsm) and copy over your shiny new .rgb file (Note: the usb storage on the Didj shows up in windows as X:, you are actually looking inside /Didj on the didj itself, so your file when you go to look for it will be in /Didj/WhereEverYouPutIt/Whateveritscalled.rgb)

8. come out of the didj folders in windows, disable usb mass storage

9. go to your terminal prompt on the didj and run the following command, make sure you substitute WhereEverYouPutIt/Whateveritscalled.rgb with the folder and filename that you chose in earlier steps:

imager /dev/layer0 /Didj/WhereEverYouPutIt/Whateveritscalled.rgb

10. Enjoy your picture.