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and you should see the contents of your /home dir
and you should see the contents of your /home dir
4. things to note
obviously you can set whatever folder you like on the host as an nfs share and mount it to any folder you like on the explorer or make a new dir, just make sure you edit /etc/exports on the host and /usr/bin/mountnfs accordingly, so for instance if I want to use /home/didj then on the host machine I would edit /etc/exports and either edit the existing one or add the line:
  /home/didj    *(rw,sync,no_root_squash)
and edit /usr/bin/mountnfs, either add another line or edit the existing one:
  mount -o nolock /LF/test
you could quite easily at this stage make a /LF/test/bin folder, add that to your path environment variable and run any script/app you have made/compiled for the explorer without having to copy it to the first.
next up will be mounting a rootfs via NFS :)

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This is a tutorial to setup an NFS folder on your host PC for your explorer to boot from. NFS mounting of a directory will enable you to test applications and scripts without having to copy anything to your Leapster or LeapPad Explorer.


Networking Setup

NFS Host Setup

Configure Device

On Device

You'll need to edit /usr/bin/mountnfs, change:

 mount -o nolock `get-ip host`:/home/lfu/nfsroot/LF /LF


 mount -o nolock /mnt

once you've done that, run:

# modprobe nfs
# mountnfs
# cd /mnt
# ls

and you should see the contents of your /home dir