LeapFrog Pollux Platform: Mount NFS Directory

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This is a tutorial to setup an NFS folder on your host PC for your explorer to boot from. NFS mounting of a directory will enable you to test applications and scripts without having to copy anything to your Leapster or LeapPad Explorer.


Networking Setup

For Didj Enable Networking using the lf1000_ff_eth_defconfig file or manually adding NFS support.

Software Needed

Linux host PC



Configure Server and Client

On Host

Make sure your programs are installed.

sudo apt-get nfs-kernel-server nfs-common

Configure the /etc/exports file to point to the folder(s) you would like to make available for NFS mounting. Be sure to specify the IP of your device, otherwise anyone can mount it.


On Device

You'll need to edit /usr/bin/mountnfs, change:

 mount -o nolock `get-ip host`:/home/lfu/nfsroot/LF /LF


 mount -o nolock /mnt

Start the server and client:

On Host

$ sudo /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server start

For Leapster and LeapPad Explorers

On Device

# modprobe nfs
# mountnfs
# cd /mnt
# ls

For Network Enabled Didj

mount -o nolock /mnt

At this point should see the contents of your /home dir