LeapFrog Pollux Platform: sdlDoom

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sdl doom quick tutorial


SDL http://elinux.org/Didj_and_Explorer_libSDL

SDL needs to be installed on the didj/lx and also needs the lib/headers to be installed on your PC

Framebuffer driver http://elinux.org/Leapster_Explorer_Framebuffer_Driver

to get the framebuffer driver you will need to compile a custom kernel for the didj/lx from the Explorer kernel sources
properly set environment vars (you will see a set of these when you compile your kernel)

Download sdldoom and the wad from http://www.libsdl.org/projects/doom/

wget http://www.libsdl.org/projects/doom/src/sdldoom-1.10.tar.gz
tar -xvf sdldoom-1.10.tar.gz
cd sdldoom-1-10
wget http://www.libsdl.org/projects/doom/data/doom1.wad.gz
gunzip doom1.wad.gz
make -j5

change -j5 to reflect the number of cores on your cpu +1

copy the doom file to /usr/bin on your didj/lx

copy the wad file to a folder on your didj/lx, somewhere like /LF/Bulk/doom on the lx or /Didj/doom on the didj

browse to the folder where you put the wad file

run doom:


as it stands the buttons don't do anything (dpad up/down/left/right and l/r shoulder move stuff around in the menus but thats it)

fix this by editing doomdef.h

change 2 lines to look like the following:

#define KEY_ESCAPE 109 // 'home button'
#define KEY_ENTER 120 // 'brightness button'


now we can get into the game, yay but we still can't shoot stuff :( boo

make a blank text file called doomconfig

save it in the same folder as your doom wad on the lx

run doom, using the following on the command line:

doom -config doomconfig

load a new game, run around and pick up something (not sure if this is entirely necessary), go to the menu and save the game, doomconfig should now be populated

Edit doomconfig, change these 2 lines to the following:

key_fire  97
key_use   98

Alternatively you can copy and paste the following into your doomconfig file replacing anything that's in there, A= fire, B=use, R should = strafe right, weapon switching doesn't currently work, nor does strafe left or backwards:

mouse_sensitivity	5
sfx_volume		15
music_volume		15
show_messages		1
key_right		174
key_left		172
key_up			173
key_down		175
key_strafeleft		99
key_straferight	114
key_fire		97
key_use 		98
key_strafe		184
key_speed		999
use_mouse		1
mouseb_fire		0
mouseb_strafe		1
mouseb_forward	        2
use_joystick		0
joyb_fire		0
joyb_strafe		1
joyb_use		3
joyb_speed		2
screenblocks		10
detaillevel		0
snd_channels		3
usegamma		0
chatmacro0		"No"
chatmacro1		"I'm ready to kick butt!"
chatmacro2		"I'm OK."
chatmacro3		"I'm not looking too good!"
chatmacro4		"Help!"
chatmacro5		"You suck!"
chatmacro6		"Next time, scumbag..."
chatmacro7		"Come here!"
chatmacro8		"I'll take care of it."
chatmacro9		"Yes"

this will give you 'fire' on the A button and 'use' on the B button

Other buttons either don't work or don't work as expected if you try and change them via doomconfig, doomdef.h or m_misc.c (defaults get defined here if the config file isn't found), not sure why its behaving like this.

Sound sort of works, looks like it gets the samplerate wrong when doom/sdl opens it :/


To get sound working a bit better, edit i_sound.c and change line 56 #define SAMPLERATE to:

#define SAMPLERATE 44100

recompile doom and copy it to your didj/lx