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[[image:Leappad_explorer_promo.jpg|right|350px|thumb|The Leappad Explorer (Leapfrog Enterprises)]]
#REDIRECT [[LeapPad1_Explorer]]
== Platform ==
[[LeapFrog_Pollux_Platform | LeapFrog Pollux Platform]]
The LeapPad Explorer is part of 3 different devices that all share a common hardware platform, based around the [[Pollux]] SoC. The platform page contains information generic across these devices, and it is recommended that you refer to that page as it is a good starting point to understanding the LeapPad Explorer, and contains some basic How To's and Tutorials to get you started.
== Project Summary ==
The LeapPad Explorer (like the [[Didj|Didj]] and [[Leapster_Explorer|Leapster Explorer]]) is a toy produced by Leapfrog marketed as an educational handheld gaming console for kids aged 4-9. Although it has a proprietary graphical front end, it runs a generic Linux distribution on the same ARM9-based processor as the Didj and Explorer. It also has built in accellerometer, camera, and microphone, along with a bigger touch screen.  There are also hints of an internal rumble pack of some kind in the latest source code.
== Source Code ==
[[LeapFrog_Pollux_Platform:_Source_Code#LeapPad| Source Code]]
== Tutorials/How To's ==
== Technical Information ==
==== Details ====
[[LeapFrog_Pollux_Platform:_Technical_Details | Technical Details]]
== Images ==
<gallery perrow=5 caption="PCB Images">
File:LeapPad_Explorer_-_Teardown_-_LeapPad_Explorer_-_Mainboard_-_Front.jpg ‎|Scan of front side of LeapPad Explorer mainboard.
File:LeapPad_Explorer_-_Teardown_-_LeapPad_Explorer_-_Mainboard_-_Rear.jpg‎|Scan of back side of LeapPad Explorer mainboard.
File:LeapPad_Explorer_-_Teardown_-_LeapPad_Explorer_-_Mainboard_-_Desoldered.jpg|With CPU and cartridge socket desoldered - scan of back side of LeapPad Explorer mainboard.
== Discussion ==
* [irc://chat.freenode.net/didj #Didj on Freenode IRC] [http://www.poxlib.org/irclogs/ Channel Logs]
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[[Category:LeapFrog Pollux Platform]]

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