Linux PM Summit 2006 Planning

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Here is information about the Spring 2006 Linux Power Management Summit.

At the 2005 Kernel Summit, Patrick Mochel requested volunteers for sponsorship for this event. Tim Bird, CELF AG Chair, said he would see if CELF could become a sponsor of this.

This page has some information about the possible location, date, time, attendees, sponsors and other plans for this event.

/\ - this page is under construction.


Attendees: [what is target number of attendees? Is there a limit?]

Here is a table of candidate invitees.

Name E-mail Company Contacted Confirmed Travel code Notes
Patrick Mochel mochel (at) digitalimplant (dot) org Independent y n . .
Pavel Machek pavel (at) ucw (dot) cz Novell n n . .
Nigel Cunningham ncunningham (at) linuxmail (dot) org Cyclades n n . .
Mark Gross mark (dot) gross (at) intel (dot) com CELF/Intel y n . CELF PM WG Chair
Len Brown ?? Intel n n . .
Greg Kroah-Hartman ?? Novell n n . .
Adam Belay ?? Novell n n . .
Alan Stern ?? Harvard n n . .
David Brownell ?? Independent n n . .
Ben Herrenschmidt ?? IBM n n . .
?? ?? Red Hat n n . .
?? ?? Gentoo n n . .
?? ?? Ubuntu n n . .
?? ?? AMD n n . .
?? ?? Via n n . .
?? ?? Nokia n n . if not represented by CELF
?? ?? Palm n n . if not represented by CELF

[need to add other invitees here. Are all relevant segments represented? silicon vendors, laptop, virtualization, CE]

In addition, Patrick would like to reserve two more spots for developers. These will be selected by him (with collaboration from those listed above), and will have a strong community presence. Patrick will decide on these people in the next three months.

Other invitation/attendee guidelines

Patrick wants 1 (and only 1) developer representative from each, which he will select based on community presence and my knowledge of the organizations. I may require input from some poeple within the organization. This selection will be made within the next three months. More organizations may arise as well.

For sponsors, Patrick would like at most 1 (and only 1) additional representative, on top of the developer representative. I do not want more than 2 people from any one company, with the temporary exception of Novell which has emerged as a leader in power management development.

As we approach the date, we would like the name(s) of the representatives from each organization. I will not allow guests to attend, and I am very hestitant about having substitutions.

Patrick said:

I do not intend to sound harsh, but I am very concerned about keeping it
as small and as focused as possible. I want everyone in attendence to
participate in some form or another, and I want every face to be known by
the end of the three days. This becomes harder as the size of the group
increases, hence my strictness.

Meeting Details

  • Date: Preference was earlier stated as Jan/Feb.
  • Time:
  • Location: San Jose??
    • Directions:
  • meals:
  • gifts?


The proposal is for a 3-day event: (Wednesday - Friday)

Day 1: Developer Workshops

   This is an opportunity for us to discuss current events and
   progress since the last time we met (in July) and resolve any
   outstanding issues.
   I expect each person to have 1 hour to lead a discussion
   about a topic of their choice, the more technical the better. I
   expect each person to:
   - Have a presentation or prepared introduction
   - Have a desired outcome, or at least a direction in which they
     want to lead the talk
   - Keep the discussion to exactly one hour
   This will be finalized more as the time nears.
   I expect this to be a private engagement among the developers so
   that we can maximize the efficiency of the time. However, I expect
   there to be developers from each distribution and vendor there, so
   perhaps the developers from each distro and vendor could sit in as

Day 2: Sponsor / Vendor Presentations

   I anticipate this will be split into two halves: one half for
   sponsors to present a topic that they feel is a pressing issue,
   whether it is a hardware or software feature. I would like this to
   be limited to current topics. The number of presentations will
   depend on the number of sponsors, but I don't expect more than 5.
   I would like to limit these presentations / discussions to 90
   minutes. I would also like these to be very technical and given by
   someone that is familiar with the technical topics.
   The 2nd half would be reserved for upcoming / emerging technology
   presentations. This would be an opportunity for vendors to display
   future concepts that will have an impact on power management
   infrastructure (e.g. new processor features) or will use the power
   management infrastructure (e.g. new devices). This will be
   dependent also on the number of vendors present, but I don't
   expect there to be more than 5. I would like these to also be very
   technical and to be limited to 30-45 minutes.

Day 3: Developer Discussions

   This is an opportunity for the developers to discuss the topics
   presented in the previous day (and to determine the best way to
   resolve the issues). This will also be an opportunity for them to
   discuss any remaining issues and to evolve any topics that arose
   over the previous two days.
   I anticipate the format of this to be 60-90 minute Birds of a
   Feather-like sessions, the topics of which are to be determined by
   the attendees and the topics of the previous presentations.
   I expect there to be a closing session and/or reception dinner.


  • CE Linux Forum
  • [others?]

In order to make sponsorship attractive, the following benefits are available to sponsors of the event:

  • ability to provide a handout or gift at the summit
  • signage at the summit (a reasonably-sized sign will be allowed from each sponsor)
  • listing of sponsor on all public materials referencing the summit (including web site, announcements, etc.)
  • mention of sponsor at the summit
  • sponsors may disclose and promote their sponsorship of the event
  • a sponsor will have the opportunity to send a developer to the event
    • This is highly desired. The vendors and sponsors should come prepared to talk about their issues.

Past Summits

A PM summit was held in July of 2005, with a summary of the event at: