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This page has a table of patches that are part of the Linux-tiny project.

patch type description kernel option 2.6.22 status/notes mainline inclusion status
no-translations.patch omit feature Allow omitting support for console charset translation CONFIG_CONSOLE_TRANSLATIONS mainlined submitted for mainline in June 2008 by Tim Bird. Should show up in 2.6.27
sysenter.patch omit feature Allow disabling syscalls via sysenter (x86-only) CONFIG_SYSENTER OK
no-aio.patch omit feature Allow disabling Asynchronous IO syscalls and support CONFIG_AIO OK Submitted by Thomas Petazzoni on July, 29th 2008. Added to the -mm tree (mail).
no-xattr.patch omit feature Allow disabling Extended Attributes syscalls and support CONFIG_XATTR OK Only removes 3.5 Kbytes. Drop ?
fslock.patch omit feature Allow disabling POSIX file locking syscalls and support CONFIG_FILE_LOCKING OK Submitted by Thomas Petazzoni on July, 29th 2008. Added to the -mm tree (mail).
direct-io-core.patch omit feature Allow disabling directIO syscalls and support DIRECTIO patch doesn't apply (bitrotted?)
ethtool.patch omit feature Allow disabling support for configuring network devices with ethtool program CONFIG_ETHTOOL OK Submitted by Thomas Petazzoni on July, 29th 2008. Initially added to the -mm tree, was later removed due to David Miller's NACK of the patch. New versions be worked on in collaboration with David Woodhouse.
inetpeer.patch omit feature Allow disabling INET peer data tracking CONFIG_INETPEER OK Only removes 1.8 Kb. Drop ?
net-filter.patch omit feature Allow disabling old-style packet filtering support CONFIG_NET_SK_FILTER OK Removes 3.5 Kb. Drop ?
dev_mcast.patch omit feature Allow disabling netdev multicast support CONFIG_NET_DEV_MULTICAST OK Removes 0.8 Kb. Drop ?
igmp.patch omit feature Allow disabling IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) support - used for multicasts CONFIG_IGMP OK Submitted by Thomas Petazzoni on July, 29th 2008. Initially added to the -mm tree and later removed because of David Miller's NACK of the patch. Reason: a TCP/IP stack without IGMP support is fundamentally broken.
binfmt-script.patch omit feature Allow disabling support to run shell scripts via standard "#!" syntax CONFIG_BINFMT_SCRIPT OK Only removes 475 bytes. Thomas Petazzoni suggests to drop.
elf-no-aout.patch omit feature Allow disabling support for ELF programs with a.out format loader or libraries CONFIG_BINFMT_ELF_AOUT OK
no-doublefault.patch omit feature Remove double faut exception handler None Already included, CONFIG_DOUBLEFAULT
sbf.patch omit feature Allow disabling simple bootflag support (x86-only) CONFIG_BOOTFLAG patch doesn't apply (bitrotted?) Only removes 212 bytes. Thomas Petazzoni suggests to drop.
serial-pci.patch omit feature Allow disabling support for PCI serial devices CONFIG_SERIAL_PCI OK Already merged (commit).
dmi_blacklist.patch omit feature Allow disabling DMI scanning (x86-only) CONFIG_DMI_SCAN patch doesn't apply (bitrotted?) Patch updated by Thomas Petazzoni. In mainline since 2.6.25, see the commit
pci-quirks.patch omit feature Allow disabling of workarounds for various PCI chipset bugs and quirks CONFIG_PCI_QUIRKS OK
tsc.patch omit feature Allow disabling use of TSC as kernel timer (x86-only) CONFIG_X86_TSC_TIMER patch doesn't apply (bitrotted?) Removes only 1 Kb. Drop ?
cpu-support.patch omit feature Allow disabling vendor-specific x86 CPU features (x86-only) CONFIG_PROCESSOR_SELECT, CONFIG_CPU_SUP_* (many) patch doesn't apply (bitrotted?) A first part has been integrated in 2.6.25 (commit). Another part has been merged later (commit). The remaining part, already submitted by Thomas Petazzoni, needs to be updated and resent.
use-funit-at-a-time.patch compiler flag Add -funit-at-a-time to the gcc compilation flags for building the kernel None OK Not needed anymore, since -funit-at-a-time is enabled by default with -O, -O2, -O3 and -Os with gcc 4.
config-net-small.patch add option Add CONFIG_NET_SMALL configuration option Adds CONFIG_NET_SMALL OK
cache_defer_hash.patch smaller data Reduce RPC cache hash table size from PageSize to 512 Uses CONFIG_NET_SMALL OK
unix_socket_table.patch smaller data Reduce AF_UNIX socket hash table from 256 to 16 entries Uses CONFIG_NET_SMALL OK
inet_protos.patch smaller data Reduce number of internet protocols supported from 256 to 32 Uses CONFIG_NET_SMALL OK
flow-cache-small.patch smaller data Reduce flow cache hash table from 2^10 (1024) to 2^3 (8) Uses CONFIG_NET_SMALL OK
tg3-oops.patch bugfix Handle tg3 ring allocation correctly None mainlined
namei-inlines.patch smaller code Uninline various functions in namei.c None OK Submitted by Thomas Petazzoni on July, 29th 2008. Rejected by Al Viro (mail), but reasons questionned by Andrew (mail).
buffer-inlines.patch smaller code Uninline function in buffer.c None OK Mainlined (commit). Will show up in 2.6.27.
ext2namei-inlines.patch smaller code Uninline ext2_add_nondir function None OK Only removes 80 bytes, Thomas Petazzoni suggest to drop.
kmalloc-accounting.patch measurement feature Add kmalloc accounting feature CONFIG_KMALLOC_ACCOUNTING (replaced)
cache-accounting.patch measurement feature Add slab accounting feature CONFIG_DEBUG_SLAB_ACCOUNT OK
slab-analysis-scripts.patch measurement feature Add slabalyze and casort CONFIG_DEBUG_SLAB_ACCOUNT OK
audit-bootmem.patch measurement feature Cause bootmem code to print callers and sizes for allocations CONFIG_AUDIT_BOOTMEM OK
deprecate-inline.patch measurement feature Add system for counting inline usage by generating deprecation warnings CONFIG_MEASURE_INLINES OK
deprecate-inline-kconfig-move.patch measurement feature Fixup a kconfig entry for measuring inlines CONFIG_MEASURE_INLINES OK
func-size.patch measurement feature Adds a script to count inline function sizes None OK
tiny-panic.patch reduced debug feature Add option to use smaller panic code CONFIG_FULL_PANIC OK
nopanic.patch omit debug feature Make code for kernel panic configurable CONFIG_PANIC OK
tiny-crc.patch smaller data Allow using function instead of table for CRC32 calculations CONFIG_CRC32_TABLES OK
threadinfo-ool.patch smaller code Inline current() and current_thread_info() on UP (configurable) (x86 only?) CONFIG_INLINE_THREADINFO patch doesn't apply (bitrotted?) In discussion between Thomas Petazzoni and Ingo Molnar. See this thread.
slob-accounting.patch measurement feature Add kmalloc accounting to SLOB allocator Uses CONFIG_SLOB, CONFIG_DEBUG_SLOB_ACCOUNT?? patch applies, but has no effect (missing config item), patch not completed|
mempool-shrink.patch reduced feature Allow disabling mempool allocator feature CONFIG_MEMPOOL OK
max-swapfiles.patch smaller data Make the number of swapfiles configurable CONFIG_MAX_SWAPFILES_SHIFT OK
ldiscs.patch smaller data Make the number of tty line disciplines configurable CONFIG_NR_LDISCS OK
max_user_rt_prio.patch smaller data Make the number of RT priority O(1) scheduling queues configurable CONFIG_MAX_USER_RT_PRIO OK Switching from 100 to 10 reduces bss of 4k and visible free memory after boot of 8 k.
ide-hwif.patch smaller data Make the number of supported IDE interfaces configurable CONFIG_IDE_HWIFS OK
mtrr.patch continuation patch Make MTRR support depend on vendor-specific CPU selection (x86-only) None patch doesn't apply (bitrotted?) Need to wait for cpu-support to be included
movsl-mask.patch continuation patch Make movsl mask usage depend on vendor-specific CPU selection (x86-only) None OK
do-printk.patch reduced feature Allow fine-grained control of printk message compilation CONFIG_PRINTK_FUNC, uses CONFIG_PRINTK OK
inflate-*.patch (multiple patches) eliminate redundant code Allow ARM boot code to re-use existing lib/inflate code None patches don't apply (bitrotted!) A first part has been integrated in 2.6.25 (commit). Another part has been merged (commit) and should show up in 2.6.27.