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=== [[CI20 Tech Stuff|Technical Stuff]] ===
=== [[CI20 Tech Stuff|Technical Stuff]] ===
* What are the specs of the board
* [[CI20 Tech Stuff#Tech Spec overview|What are the specs of the board?]]
* What SoC does the board use
* What SoC does the board use?
* [[CI20 Tech Stuff#Files|Where can I find board schematics and SoC documentation?]]
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The CI20 board

The MIPS Creator CI20 platform is a feature laden MIPS/Imagination Linux and Android development system. It incorporates an Ingenic JZ4780 SoC which includes a 1.2GHz dual core MIPS32 processor and Imagination PowerVR SGX540 GPU. The CI20 board provides comprehensive connectivity, multimedia capabilities and substantial RAM and flash. CI20 is preloaded with Debian7, and other distros are being packaged to be available for download soon.

CI20 is an open platform with technical manuals, schematics and source code downloadable here.

CI20 will be available from the Imagination Technologies store.

Getting Started

Beginners Guide

  • Which helps answer the questions:
    • Do I just plug it in?
    • What can I do with it out of the box?
    • What can I plug in and where?
    • Can I update the software?
    • Where can I get help?

Technical Stuff

Download Page

  • Where do I get the documentation?
  • Where do I get new software from?
  • Can I get the schematic?
  • Is there source code?

More Stuff


  • Who is doing what with the CI20
  • Ideas for what you can do with the CI20
  • ToDo list

Distros and Images

  • What different distros/software are available for CI20

Dev Zone

  • Deeper technical details
  • How and where do I contribute
  • ToDo and things to fix or improve

External Links