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The MUSBMHDRC DRD OTG Controller (from now on referred to as MUSB is a Dual-Role OTG IP Core used in several SoC implementations. At the time of this writing at least OMAP, DaVinci and Blackfins integrate that IP Core in the SoC and a discrete version of it is supplied by Texas Instruments as the tusb6010 ASIC.


Bug fix patches for v2.6.35

Greg's queue

Anand: [1 patch] : Fixing register widths in MUSB debug

* usb: musb: use correct register widths in register dumps [1]

Ajay: [1 patch] : Fixing compilation warning

* musb: fix compilation warning in host only mode [2]

Acked by Felipe

* None

Review in progress

Jon Povey: [1 patch] : Fixing compilation warning

* USB: musb: suppress warning about unused flags [3]

New feature patches for v2.6.36

Greg's queue

Anand: [1 patch] : Cleanup

* musb: Kill board specific pinmux from driver file [4]

Anand: [1 patch] : on Mentor DMA

* usb: musb: do not override DMA mode in channel program [5]

Acked by Felipe

* None

Review in progress

Sergei: [1 patch] : DA8x MUSB support

* MUSB: DA8xx/OMAP-L1x glue layer [6]

Ajay: [3 patch] : Set on AM35x MUSB support

* AM35x: Add musb support [7]
* musb: add musb support for AM35x [8]
* musb: AM35x: Workaround for fifo read issue [9]

Ajay: [2 patch] : FIFO table and cleanup

* usb: musb: Update FIFO mode_5_cfg to accomodate 4K [10]
* musb: remove extra blank and border lines [11]

Ajay: [3 patch] : Set on neednop flag for NOP

* OMAP3: musb: add neednop flag to fix nop modular issue [12]
* musb: populate board_data within musb structure [13]
* musb: use neednop flag for nop registration [14]

Ajay: [6 patch] : Set on SDMA as Mentor DMA workarounds

* musb: save OTG base physical address [15]
* musb: use system DMA to fix Inventra DMA issue on RTL-1.4 [16]
* musb: add function to check if Inventra DMA used [17]
* musb: use system DMA for unaligned buffers on RTL >= 1.8 [18]
* musb: gadget: fix tx transfer path for mode0 operation [19]
* musb: dma: use optimal transfer element for sdma [20]

Ajay: [1 patch] : On DMA channel release in host mode

* musb: host: release dma channels if no active io [21]

Hema: [2 patch] : on Mentor DMA

* usb: musb: Unmapping the dma buffer when switching to PIO mode [22]
* usb: musb: Dynamic dma channel allocation in gadget driver [23]

Hema: [4 patch] : Set on HWMODS

* usb: musb: Adding names for IRQs in resource structure [24]
* usb: musb: Remove board_data parameter from musb_platform_init() [25]
* usb: musb: HWMOD database structures addition for OMAP3 [26]
* usb : musb:USB driver using omap_device_build for device registration. [27]