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Microsemi VSC8531BB1G (BeagleBoard Black 1G) Development Board

The VSC8531BB1G is perfect combination of development board & evaluation tool for the brand new Microsemi Family of Gigabit Ethernet & FE PHYs (VSC8541/31/40/30).
BeagleBoneBlack Photo 2016 05 13.png
Nearly identical to the BeagleBone Black (Rev C) in design and functionality, it has undergone some performance enhancements thanks to Gerald and his team at Embedded Product Design LLC.

These design changes include:

In addition to being FCC Class B, CE, RoHS & REACH certified just like the BeagleBone Black is, this 6-layer development board & evaluation tool, is capable of passing UNH IOL GbE, Fast Ethernet, as well as 10Base-T/Te certification. For anyone out that has attempted to take their end-product through this compliance conformance testing, they will be the first to tell you that it is not straight forward. The VSC8531BB1G can help to reduce the customer's TTM as well as them development costs typically associated with multiple board spins. It also enables the user to go through the UNH IOL certification test, provided that they have the necessary Tektronix TDSET3 Compliance Test Package. If UNH IOL is NOT a requirement for your design, please note that there are a host of alternative solutions available on the market that still comply with the Microsemi Magnetics Guide which is available for download to all registered users that have access to the VSC8531 Product Page

This development board will be made available for world wide sale through a variety of Microsemi Authorized Distributors in the mid-August timeframe. Just like all BeagleBoard Compatible products, the Open-Source Hardware design files will be made available along with the Open-Source Software on this site, once these deliverables have been reviewed, the design has passed all the required certifications (FCC, CE, RoHS, REACH & UNH IOL).

Note: The VSC8531BB1G, much like other BeagleBone Black boards when used with external CAPES, pulls more than 500mA of power, due to the increased SDRAM size (1GB vs. 512MB), the GbE PHY and the additional LDOs, so please ensure that you are using your VSC8531BB1G with a BeagleBone approved +5V DC power supply with at least 2A or more to be safe.

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