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1. Does Memtest work on the Minnowboard?

Ans:- No, not currently. The Memtest software is made for the traditional PC-BIOS environment whereas the Minnowboard has the new UEFI firmware. So, until a new version of Memtest is released for the UEFI, it won't work.

2. Does the MinnowBoard support SATA port multiplier functions?

Ans:- Yes, the SATA controller on the Minnowboard does have the hardware support for a SATA port multiplier but there is no software support for it at this time.

3. Will legacy BIOS support be available on the Minnowboard?

Ans:- No, it will not be available. However, it is possible for a third party to purchase a CSM (Compatibility Support Module) from one of the BIOS vendors (e.g, AMI, Phoenix) and add that as a UEFI module.

4. Can I access the user switches on the MinnowBoard via the sysfs interface in Linux?

Ans:- No.