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Mlogo.png Back to the MinnowBoard home page

Getting Started:

Where to buy? - for advice on buying the MinnowBoard.

MinnowBoard Basics - box contents, different components on the board

microSD Card Setup - for information on how to prepare the microSD Card used to boot your MinnowBoard.

Booting Angstrom Embedded Linux Distribution - running Angstrom and accessing the MinnowBoard serial console on Windows/Mac/Linux

Beginner Guides - you are up and running, now what can you do?.

MinnowBoard Google Group - Got any questions? Feel free to ask here


User manuals/guides for the MinnowBoard which can be used by hobbyists/developers/beginners to get started with the MinnowBoard.

More guides to come soon...

Debian On the Minnow

Angstrom not your cup of tea? Here are some guides to get Debian running on your MinnowBoard.