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Minnowboard Max Lure Information

Lure Support

Lures are owned and supported by their respective owners and manufacturers. If you have issues the community can only give you best effort support, but issues should be taken to the respective manufacturers and designers.

Lures In production (currently available)

These are lures that are currently available, and obtainable in a pre-built state.

Calamari Lure

Break out board intended mainly for testing gpio and low speed interfaces.

Additional Information: Calamari Lure Wiki Page

  • Features:
    • SPI Based ADC
    • 10K Slider POT
    • RGB LED
    • 2 PWM LEDS
    • 2 TTL UART Headers
    • 7-Segment Display with 595 shift register
    • I2C EEPROM
    • 3 Buttons

Jetsam Lure

mPCI-E break out board

  • Features:
    • Single mPCIe Slot
  • Produced by: CircuitCo
  • Additional Information: none available right now


Note: PCIe expansion cards can be added via the Jetsam lure:

Flotsam Lure

mSATA break out board

  • Features:
    • single mSATA Slot
  • Produced by: CircuitCo
  • Additional Information: none available right now


Prototype Lure

Generic Prototype Area on 0.1" grids

  • Features:
    • Generic Prototype Area on 0.1" grids
  • Produced by: CircuitCo
  • Additional Information: none available right now

Prototype-lure-b.jpg ProtoLure-SlantedSide01-650.jpg


Intel IDP JTAG lure

  • Features:
    • Adapter for Intel IDP JTAG
  • Produced by: CircuitCo
  • Additional Information: none available right now


Silverjaw Lure

Dual mPCIe and mSATA Lure

  • Features:
    • Dual socket mPCIE and mSATAExpansion board for Minnowboard Max
    • Boot from mSATA
    • efficient switching power supplies
    • same footprint as the Minnowboard Max
  • Produced by: Tin Can Tools
  • Additional Information: in stock - available right now

Silvrjaw lure.jpg

Ready to Build

These are lures that are functionally complete, but are not being (or not currently) in production and/or available to buy. To be in this state the lures need to be in a state where an individual has enough information to fully build these on their own.

Cuttle(bone) Lure

Adapter from Low Speed Connector I/O (I2C,I2S,UARTs,SPI,GPIO) to BeagleBone * Capes. Works with a variety of Capes but not all.

  • Features:
    • low speed adapter for MAX to BeagleBone capes
  • Produced by: Tom King
  • Additional Information: none available right now
Cuttle lure.png

Tadpole Lure

A small low speed adapter with and RGB (gpio controlled) LED, along with a small prototyping area. For more information including assembly information visit the Tadpole Lure Wiki Page

  • Features:
    • GPIO controlled RGB LED

The Tadpole Lure is an "Open Source Hardware" compatible device and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States (CC BY-SA 3.0 US)


Planned Lures

These are lures that are either in the planning or early design stages and are not ready for production.


These are lures that do not have build files available, but information pertaining to them is still pertinent.

Ika Lure

The Ika lure takes the existing low speed I/O and expands it (through I2C chips) to allow for an Arduino compatible shield to be used with the MinnowBoard MAX.
  • Features:
    • Electrically Arduino Compatible
    • 3.3v & 5.5v tolerant (flipped via jumpers)
MinnowMax - Lure - Ika.png

Note: Board was cancelled, though some boards were made available at various conferences as give aways.