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This page is the home for comments filed by reviewers during the Formal Review of the MPPWG's Mobile Phone API specifications.

Master Tracking Spreadsheet

There will be a tracking spreadsheet here that contains an integrated list of issues from the various reviewers.

Comment Submissions

Below are the individual comment submissions, identified by reviewer name.

Comments on the Preface

[[[Media:celf_mpp_preface_fr1_20060301_comments_mg.doc]] Marcus Guenther]

[[[Media:barstow-MPP-Preface-FR1-20060301-1.doc]] Art Barstow]

[[[Media:overtoom-CommentSheet_preface_EJO.doc]] Eric Overtoom]

[[[Media:Bouillot-Atelier-CELF-Preface-CommentSheet.doc]] Alexandre Bouillot]

[[[Media:LiPS-comments-prog-model.doc]] LiPS comments (programming model)]

Comments on the Reference Architecture

[[[Media:celf_mpp_ra_fr1_20060301_comments_mg.doc]] Marcus Guenther]

[[[Media:barstow-MPP-RA-FR1-20060301-1.doc]] Art Barstow]

[[[Media:overtoom-CommentSheet_refarch_EJO.doc]] Eric Overtoom]

[[[Media:gening-CommentSheet-.doc]] Ge Ning]

Comments on Circuit-Switched Communications

[[[Media:barstow-MPP-CS-FR1-20060301-1.doc]] Art Barstow]

[[[Media:Bouillot-Atelier-CELF-CS-CommentSheet.doc]] Alexandre Bouillot]

[[[Media:overtoom-CommentSheet_CS_EJO.doc]] Eric Overtoom]

Comments on Packet-Switched Communications

[[[Media:barstow-MPP-PS-FR1-20060301-1.doc]] Art Barstow]

[[[Media:overtoom-CommentSheetPS_EJO.doc]] Eric Overtoom]