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Nokia N9 is pretty similar device to Nokia N950. It was actually sold in retail and does not have a keyboard.

Differences from N950, Kernel Status

For common hardware, see N950 page. This only lists parts that are different.

Hardware Description Docs Driver DT FW
gpio keys Up/down Code Yes no N/A
Display 4" FWVGA OLED (MIPI DSI) Code PATCHv1 (2016-03-08) N/A
Atmel mXT Capacitive Touchscreen Code Yes No RM-696_Pyrenees_SMD_V1_6.raw
LP5521 ? LED Code Yes No N/A
light sensor Apds990x Code ? No N/A
ak8975 Magnetometer Code ? No N/A
? (SMIA compatible) Main Camera (? MP) Code Yes <4.13 N/A
NXP PN544 NFC (labelled as NXP 44501) Code Yes No N/A