Nail Board

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The Nail Kit is ideal for taking your Hammer projects on the go with you! You get everything in one small package. That includes the Hammer Board module, on board JTAG, USB slave port for connecting to any Linux PC or Laptop (JTAG, serial console, and Gadget interface), and a USB Host port for plugging one peripheral into. You don't have to worry about carrying a Flywatter JTAG board because the Nail Board has it built in!


  • 3 User LEDs available
  • 2 interrupt driven pushbuttons
  • PWM Buzzer
  • Reset Button
  • Power LED
  • USB powered
  • USBserial port console (via internal FT2232) see USB Device Listing
  • USB jtag interface (via internal FT2232) see USB Device Listing
  • USB controlled gpios (4 via internal FT2232) see USB Device Listing
  • USB gadget interface (via the Hammer_Board) see USB Device Listing
    • Ethernet Gadget Driver (default)
    • Serial Port Gadget Driver
    • Mass Storage Driver
  • USB host interface (via the Hammer_Board)
    • USB 1.1 Compliant
    • Low Speed Support (2mb)
    • Full Speed Support (12mb)
  • 2x10 expansion connector
    • +5v available
    • +3.3v available
    • Headers can be jumper configured
    • 2 wire Serial Port
    • SPI Port
    • I2C
    • GPIOS
    • External Interrupts
  • Hammer Board Breakout Header
    • 0.1" headers
    • All 40 pins available
    • Solder Pads available for adding external 20 position pin headers or sockets


Nail block.jpg






Case-d.jpg Case with small 96x64 TFT display