OMAP patch merging process

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Various branches in linux-omap tree

  • master branch is the current snapshot of various topic branches
  • omap-fixes branch contains fixes queued up for Linus during the -rc cycle
  • for-next branch contains patches queued up for the next merge window
  • topic branches, such as dss2, dspbridge, and cbus contain patches not yet ready for merging

Patch submission checklist

  • Read Documentation/Submit* files in your kernel directory first
  • Run scripts/ --strict on your patches
  • Make sure all patches compile (this is needed for git bisect to work)
  • Make sure other omaps don't break and keep compiling
  • Send driver code to the right subsystem maintainer in MAINTAINERS file
  • Cc list for all the patches
  • Send arch/arm/*omap*/ in separate patches
  • Send what can be sent as fixes during the -rc cycle
  • Prepare code for the next merge window early, the deadline for new code is -rc7