OpenOCD Configuration Files Overview

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OpenOCD requires knowledge of several pieces of information about hardware and software that determine the debugging set up. This knowledge is provided to OpenOCD using configuration files, more simply known as configs. Configs may exist for one or more of the following components of the debugging set up:

Types of OpenOCD Configuration Files

  • Interface Config - Configuration files for physically separate piece of hardware such as a dongle, or stand alone debugging device, but may also describe debugging hardware that is integrated onto a Board, such as is the case with some FT2232 based interfaces.
  • Board Config - Configuration file for the unique components specific to a development board, such as SDRAM initialization, external flash. When trying to determine where to add configuration for your hardware, include in the Board Config anything that is external of the chip or target described below.
  • Target Config - Configuration file for components internal to the physical chip present in your set up. For example, two common types of targets are ARM chips and FPGA or CPLD chips.

HOWTO Write New Configuration Files