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GTA04 Overview

The GTA04 is an open hardware platform. Its design is roughly based on the BeagleBoard-xM.


Openmoko Beagle Hybrid

GTA04A1/Openmoko Beagle Hybrid (2010)

A BeagleBoard-xM connected to a display-board, which fitted the case.

GTA04A2 (2010)

The first version which integrated everything (SoC, Modem, Sensors, Peripherals, ...) on a single PCB.

GTA04A3 (2011)

  • GTM501 replaced by GTM601W
  • BMA180 accelerometer added
  • RFID-EEPROM added
  • expansion connector added

GTA04A4 (2012)

  • second LIS302 accelerometer removed
  • Sensors are no longer optional but always installed
  • Si4721 no longer optional but always installed

GTA04A5 (Future)

  • BMP085 replaced by BMP180
  • BMA180 replaced
  • HMC5883 replaced
  • ITG3200 replaced by BMG160
  • GPS is always W2SG0084 (Sirf IV) and delivers pulse-per-second
  • 6 wire I2C expansion connector for external keyboard option or other purposes
  • prepared for Case Kit connectivity of earpiece and vibramotor
  • headset plugin detection improved
  • production related changes (i.e. components substituted because of EOL; no visible change in features)

This revision is currently awaiting a large enough pre-order/production batch size, to be produced: