OpenZipIt WinXP Install

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Step 1: Get the necessary OpenZipIt files and zipit_tool_extras files.

Here are the files you will need to put on your NFS sever and where to get them from:

  1. zflash - ARM executable used to flash the zipit 2. loader.bin - bootstrap loader 3. zimage.dat - kernel 4. ramdisk.gz - ramdisk image

Get the zflash and loader.bin files from the zipit_tool_extras package. When you unzip it, they will be in the NFS_REFLASH folder.

Get the zimage.dat and ramdisk.gz files from the zipitwireless Yahoo! Group.

Step 2: Set up an NFS server and place the neccessary files on it.

Depending on your resources and/or skill level, this may be the most difficult part. You’ll need to setup an NFS server with the necessary image files and the zflash program.

Some notes on the NFS server from :

  • The exact details on your server configuration will depend on your specific setup.
  • The NFS server must support version 3 over TCP/IP.
  • To test this from a Linux box type, "rpcinfo -t server_ip_address nfs 3", where "server_ip_address" is the address of the NFS server.
  • There are several free NFS servers that can run on Windows. Preferred is the "Windows Services For Unix" addon to Windows XP (not free, but free download with some MSDN subscriptions)
  • If all of this is greek to you, you may want to buy the WL-HDD hard drive enclosure from ASUS

Step 3: Get your ZipIt connected to your WiFi network.

If you are using a WEP or more complicated WiFi setup, you must first configure the ZipIt's WiFi interface with iwconfig (may not be necessary for some setups)

Next, the ZipIt device must get an IP address (either with ifconfig or udhcpc)

If your access point is open, running DHCP, and not running WEP, you should only have to type "udhcpc".

Step 4: Connect your Zipit to your NFS server.

First, you need to create a directory to serve as the mount point, something like:

mkdir /mnt/net1

Then you can mount the NFS server using a command that looks something like:

mount -t nfs -o nolock,tcp,intr server_ip_address:/server_folder /mnt/net1

(replacing server_ip_address and server_folder with details of your server)

  • Failure to connect may occur if your server permissions are not setup properly. For example, you may have to specify no_root_squash.

Step 5: Use zflash to reflash your zipit with Open Zipit.

It should be emphasized that during the flashing process, the life of your zipit is on the line. Ideally, you should have the zipit plugged in and your NFS server box and network equipment should be on a UPS.

On your Zipit:

  1. "cd" to the NFS folder: cd /mnt/net1
  2. Run "./zflash loader.bin zimage.dat ramdisk.gz"
  3. Follow the simple instructions (type in "Yes")