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PROMISE PDC20265 ASIC is a PCI bus mastering ATA/ATAPI controller chip which supports complete UDMA/100 specifications. It communicates with the PCI bus using a burst bus mastering and advanced scatter/gather engine for better overall system performance. It is widely used on motherboard, system products & NAS products.


Host Bus Interface

  • 32-bit PCI interface compliant to PCI Rev 2.2
  • Up to 33MHz bus speed & 133MB/sec burst data transfer rate
  • Co-exists with built-in IDE channels or other SCSI controllers

Ultra ATA/100 Interface

  • Supports Ultra ATA/100 specification of 100MB/sec transfers with CRC error-checking
  • Support two independent IDE channels & up to four UDMA/100/66/33 or EDIE drives