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== Webcams ==
== Webcams ==
* [http://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox360/accessories/kinect/KinectForXbox360 Kinect for Xbox 360] - [https://github.com/parallella/parallella-examples/tree/master/kinect_test How to guide]
== Video/frame grabbers ==
== Video/frame grabbers ==

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Attention niels epting.svg Important Notices

Using non-standards compliant powered USB hubs may damage the Parallella!
Check the list of all certified USB hubs before plugging in your USB hub.

Using a power adapter supplying more than 5V may damage the Parallella


  1. Where additional information may prove useful, please include this, e.g. requires a powered USB hub, only works with Kernel vN etc.
  2. Where a peripheral has proven to be problematic, please add a sub-section for problem hardware if it doesn't already exist and note down a few details there.
  3. If you'd like to notify others you can also post details to the forum topic.

Power supplies

Voltage: 5 Volts
Current: 2 Amps / 2000 mA (minimum)
Connector Type: Barrel
Barrel Size: 5mm with a 2.1mm center
Polarity: Center-positive

Micro SD

  • Kingston Digital SDC4/32GB-AMZ
  • Kingston Technology SDCX10/64GB
  • SanDisk MicroSDHC 8GB, Class 4
  • SanDisk MicroSDHC Ultra 16GB, Class 10
  • SanDisk Pixtor High performance microSDHC UHS-I 32GB, Class 10
  • Samsung MicroSDHC 16 GB, Class 10 MB-MPAGC

Powered hubs


Mice and Pointing devices


Requires some software configuration. See How to get WiFi working?

  • Belkin N300 High-Performance Wi-Fi USB Adapter


Cellular (GSM/GPRS/3G/4G)


Sound cards


Video/frame grabbers




  • Anything using the RS-232 or RS-423 standards, as these have larger and negative voltages.
  • PC serial port or replacement adapter. These can often be identified by a 9-pin D shaped socket.
  • Directly connecting to USB or Ethernet. An adapter is needed!

Parallel adapters

IDE/SATA adapters