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This wiki page has links to many patches being used by members of the CE Linux Forum. Patches are available either by direct download from this page, or by following links to the associated open source project.

Please note that some CELF patches have been incorporated into the mainline Linux kernel source tree. Also, please note that we encourage CELF members and others to contribute directly to the primary repository for the project for a particular technology. (Translation: If there's a SourceForge project for a technology area you are working on, donate the patch there instead of here (but do please put a link to the project from this site).

This archive (or this wiki) is a place to publish and store patches that don't have any other home.

CE Linux Patch Archive

Patches for 2.6.16

Name Patch File Base Kernel Status Patch Home Page Comments
KProbes for MIPS kprobes-mips-patches- linux-2.6.16 tested - mips:OK ["KernelTraceSystems"] .

Patches for 2.6.14

Name Patch File Base Kernel Status Patch Home Page' Comments
Linear XIP patch with COW for cramfs cramfs-linear-xip-2.6.14.patch linux-2.6.14 experimental ["ApplicationXIP"] .

Patches for 2.6.13

Name Patch File Base Kernel Status Patch Home Page' Comments
CABI (CPU Accounting and Blocking Interfaces) cabi- linux-2.6.13 .

Patches for 2.6.12

Name Patch File Base Kernel Status Patch Home Page' Comments
RTC no-sync, for PPC rtcnosync-ppc-2.6.12.patch linux-2.6.12 tested - ppc:OK ["RTCNoSync"] .
Kernel Function Trace kft-all-in-one-2.6.12.patch or kft-broken-out-2.6.12.tar.gz linux-2.6.12 tested - ppc:OK,i386:OK .
Linear Cramfs support v4 cramfs-linear-xip-4.patch.mht linux-2.6.12-rc5 unknown ["ApplicationXIP"] .

Patches for 2.6.11

Name Patch File Base Kernel Status Patch Home Page Comments
celf-pm-patches-interface.tar.bz2 celf-pm-patches-interface.tar.bz2 linux-2.6.11 experimental Interface Magazine article.
KFI-2 kfi-2.patch linux-2.6.11 beta KernelFunctionInstrumentation Has new /proc interface - see Documentation/kfi.txt

Patches for 2.6.10

Name Patch File Base Kernel Status Patch Home Page Comments
Linux Trace Toolkit 0.9.6 kernel patches ltt-2.6.10-tb5.tar.gz linux-2.6.10 experimental Linux Trace Toolkit .
RTC no-sync, for PPC rtcnosync-ppc-2.6.10.patch linux-2.6.10 tested - ppc:OK "RTCNoSync" .
printk-times printk-times-2.6.10.patch linux-2.6.10 tested - ppc:OK Printk Times mainlined in 2.6.11
RBTX49xx platform support rbtx49.linux-2.6.10.patch linux-2.6.10 tested - mips:OK "RBTX49xxPlatformSupport" .
RBTX49xx platform support v2 rbtx49.linux-2.6.10-2.patch linux-2.6.10 tested - mips:OK "RBTX49xxPlatformSupport" updated, celinux-dev
Linear Cramfs support cramfs-linear-xip-2.6.10.patch linux-2.6.10 tested -mips:OK "ApplicationXIP" celinux-dev
KFI kfi-2.6.10.patch linux-2.6.10 tested - mips:OK KernelFunctionInstrumentation celinux-dev
YAFFS yaffs.linux-2.6.10.patch linux-2.6.10 tested - mips:OK celinux-dev
USB Mass Storage Class driver usb_mass_storage-2.6.10.patch linux-2.6.10 tested - mips:OK celinux-dev
Hotplug hotplug-2.6.10.patch linux-2.6.10 tested - mips:OK celinux-dev

Patches for 2.6.9

Name Patch File Base Kernel Status Patch Home Page' Comments
Linear Cramfs support v3 cramfs-linear-xip-3.patch linux-2.6.9 ["ApplicationXIP"] . Linear Cramfs support v2 cramfs-linear-xip-2.patch linux-2.6.9 ["ApplicationXIP"] . Linear Cramfs support v1 cramfs-linear-xip.patch linux-2.6.9 experimental ["ApplicationXIP"] . RBTX49xx platform support rbtx49.linux-2.6.9-2.patch linux-2.6.9 tested - mips:OK ["RBTX49xxPlatformSupport"] . Linux Trace Toolkit 0.9.6 TraceToolkit-0.9.6-tb.tar.gz linux-2.6.9 tested - arm:?, i386:?, mips:?, ppc:OK, sh:? LinuxTraceToolkit . Posix High Resolution Timers high-res-timers linux-2.6.9 experimental SH processor support by Lineo Solutions and Renesas fast-boot-menu DecPatches:fast-boot-menu-04.12.10.patch linux-2.6.9 experimental . . fast-timestamps DecPatches:fast-timestamps-04.12.10.patch linux-2.6.9 experimental FastTimestamp . kfi DecPatches:kfi-04.12.10.patch linux-2.6.9 experimental KernelFunctionInstrumentation . preset-lpj DecPatches:preset-lpj-04.12.10.patch linux-2.6.9 experimental ["PresetLPJ"] . printk-times DecPatches:printk-times-04.12.10.patch linux-2.6.9 experimental PrintkTimes . fast-clean-shutdown DecPatches:fast-clean-shutdown-04.12.10.patch linux-2.6.9 experimental . . deferred-resume linux-2.6.9 experimental . . safe-suspend DecPatches:safe-suspend-04.12.10.patch linux-2.6.9 experimental . . priority based interrupt Priority-Interrupt.patch linux-2.6.9 experimental . . LKST 2.2.1 for SH lkst linux-2.6.9 tested - Renesas RTS7751R2D:OK ITJ2005Detail2_2d4 .

Patches for

Name Patch File Base Kernel Status Patch Home Page' Comments
patch summary (as of 04.09.04) SepPatches:patch-summary-04.09.14 linux- . . deferred-resume SepPatches:deferred-resume-04.09.02.patch linux- . . fast-boot-menu SepPatches:fast-boot-menu-04.09.02.patch linux- . . fast-clean-shutdown SepPatches:fast-clean-shutdown-04.09.02.patch linux- . . fast-timestamps SepPatches:fast-timestamps-04.09.02.patch linux- . FastTimestamp posix high res timers high-res-timers linux- . . kfi SepPatches:kfi-04.09.02.patch linux- . KernelFunctionInstrumentation kgdb SepPatches:kgdb-04.09.02.patch linux- . kgdb preset-lpj SepPatches:preset-lpj-04.09.02.patch linux- . ["PresetLPJ"] printk-times SepPatches:printk-times-04.09.02.patch linux- . PrintkTimes safe-suspend SepPatches:safe-suspend-04.09.02.patch linux- . . timer-hash SepPatches:timer-hash-04.09.02.patch linux- . TimerHashArrayProject RBTX49xx platform support attachment:rbtx49.linux- linux- . ["RBTX49xxPlatformSupport"] short IDE delays attachment:ide-delay-2.6.8-rc2.patch linux-2.6.8-rc2 . ["ShortIDEDelays"]

Patches for 2.6.7

<:rowbgcolor=80c080>Name Patch File Base Kernel Patch Home Page timer hash array timer-hash-array-04.07.16.patch linux-2.6.7 TimerHashArrayProject patch summary patch-summary-04.06.25 . . printk-times instr-printk-04.06.25.tar.bz2 linux-2.6.7 PrintkTimes preset-lpj preset-lpj-04.06.25.patch linux-2.6.7 ["PresetLPJ"] fast timestamps fast-timestamp-04.06.25.patch linux-2.6.7 FastTimestamp fast boot menu fast-boot-menu-04.06.25.patch linux-2.6.7 . posix high res timers - all posix-hrt-04.06.25.patch linux-2.6.7 HrtProject posix high res timers - core posix-hrt-core-04.06.25.patch linux-2.6.7 HrtProject posix high res timers - i386 posix-hrt-i386-04.06.25.patch linux-2.6.7 HrtProject posix high res timers - ppc32 posix-hrt-ppc32-04.06.25.patch linux-2.6.7 HrtProject RTC nosync (x86) attachment:rtc-nosynch-3.patch linux-2.6.7 ["RTCNoSync"] -- get everything (04.06.25) -- celf-patches-04.06.25.tar.bz2 linux-2.6.7 .

Patches for 2.6.6

<:rowbgcolor=80c080>Name Patch File Base Kernel Patch Home Page printk-times instr-printk-04.06.09.tar.bz2 linux-2.6.6 PrintkTimes preset-lpj preset-lpj-04.06.09.patch linux-2.6.6 ["PresetLPJ"] fast timestamp support timing-api-04.06.09.patch linux-2.6.6 FastTimestamp fast boot menu fast-boot-menu-04.06.09.patch linux-2.6.6 . posix high res timers - core posix-hrt-core-04.06.09.patch linux-2.6.6 HrtProject posix high res timers - i386 posix-hrt-i386-04.06.09.patch linux-2.6.6 HrtProject posix high res timers - ppc32 posix-hrt-ppc32-04.06.09.patch linux-2.6.6 HrtProject -- get everything -- celf-patches-04.06.09.tar.bz2 linux-2.6.6 .

Patch Table Key

Status key:

* experimental = untested feature, use at your own risk
* tested = tested on one or more architecture
* architecture vector = arm, i386, mips, ppc, sh
  * ? = unknown status
  * P = patch applies
  * B = builds OK
  * R = kernel runs OK
  * OK = feature tested OK

Instructions to Download and Apply

CE Linux technologies are provided as patches or patchsets against stable linux kernels.

You can download the Linux kernel source code from:

To apply an individual patch, follow these instructions:

1. download the base kernel
2. unarchive the kernel source tree
  * {{{tar -xjvf linux-2.6.x.tar.bz2}}}
3. change to the root of the kernel source tree
  * {{{cd linux-2.6.x}}}
4. download the patch file
5. apply the patch with the {{{patch}}} command
  * {{{patch -p1 < patch-file-name.patch}}}

To apply a tpm patchset:

1. download the base kernel
2. download the patchset file
3. unarchive the patchset file
  * tar -xjvf celf-patches-04.09.14.tar.bz2
5. apply the entire patchset with the {{{tpm}}} command
  * tpm -t ./linux-2.6.x.tar.bz2 -f ./patchlist -o ./celinux-040914

/!\ tpm is available here: attachment:tpm BR After downloading {{{tpm}}}, mark it executable with: "{{{chmod a+x tpm}}}"

To apply a quilt patchset:

1. download the base kernel
2. download the patchset file
3. Use the command 'quilt setup' if you have this utility installed on your system.  Otherwise, unarchive the kernel and then run these commands:
  egrep -v '(^#

BR Browse the archive directly here: (Not all patches listed here are in the archive).