Pixter Multimedia Expansion Cartridge

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Here's a quick and dirty table describing a pixter multimedia game cartridge that didnt use Chip On Board technology. Hopefully I (or someone else) will clean it up later.



NAND MEMORY ('rom'): Matrix Memory 11247-01 http://www.matrixsemi.com/products-and-applications/documents/DS0043DMTSOPR1.11_062405.pdf Note that the PDF is a different part number. It was chosen because its the same product line and likely has the same pin interface. This is the same IC used in the JuiceBox.

net1 net2 function flash function wiki pin
crt:2 rom:20 DATA0 IO1 30
crt:4 rom:21 DATA1 IO2 29
crt:6 rom:22 DATA2 IO3 28
crt:8 rom:23 DATA3 IO4 27
crt:10 rom:27 DATA4 IO5 26
crt:12 rom:28 DATA5 IO6 25
crt:14 rom:29 DATA6 IO7 24
crt:16 rom:30 DATA7 IO8 23

Logic: Hitachi 74HC32D ('H32') quad 2-input OR gate

       (I cheated and used a local copy of a Fairchild Semi DM74LS32 pdf)
net1 net2 function flash function wiki pin
crt:40 H32:1 1a nOE 10
crt:40 H32:4 2a nOE 10
crt:42 H32:2 1b nCS3 11
crt:44 H32:5 2b nCS2 12
H32:3 rom:5 1y RE# [internal net]
H32:6 rom:14 2y WE# [internal net]

More rom / misc lines

net1 net2 function flash function wiki pin
crt:51 rom:12 - CLE *
crt:53 rom:13 - ALE *
crt:56 crt:58 - - *
crt:57 rom:3 - R/B# *
crt:58 crt:56 vcc - *
crt:59 GND GND - *

* I'm honestly confused about these; prpplague pinned the Pixter Expansion Slot without any knowledge for pin1 from the hardware, and had to guess pin numbers.


  • crt Cartridge port on the pixter MM (numbered odd pins on front; even pints on back as determined by cart PCB)
  • rom ROM pin (u-shaped numbering pattern as normal for DIP ic's)
  • H32 7432 pin (u-shaped numbering pattern as normal for DIP IC's)`