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Home Automation

Comparison of Open Source Software Home Automation Tools [ELC 2019]

Presenter: Leon Anavi, Konsulko Group
Summary: This presentation will provide an overview of the popular open source tools
for home automation and focus on some of the most popular among them: Home
Assistant, OpenHAB and Domoticz. It also explores the supported Embedded
Linux development boards on which these platforms can be installed as well
as the IoT with which they can interact out of the box.

Automating your Home with Home Assistant: Python’s Answer to the Internet of Things [ELC 2016]

Presenter: Paulus Schoutsen, AppFolio
Summary: This presentation will explore the simple approach that Home Assistant
takes to the IoT and how this translates into a scalable software architecture
that is already powering thousands of homes all over the world.

Solar hot water geekery: making infinitely versatile home heating controllers with free software and open hardware [ELCE 2008]

Presenter: Wookey
Summary: This presentation talks about Solar thermal crash course
Controllers, 1-wire hackery how-to and results analysis.