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bitbake agl-demo-platform
bitbake agl-demo-platform
== How to boot ==
== Introducing the AGL Demos ==
== Introducing the AGL Demos ==

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This page is not complete yet.


The new version of R-Car Starter Kit Premier is now on sale !!

  • Equipped with R-Car H3e-2G
    (En) https://www.renesas.com/jp/en/about/press-room/renesas-launches-r-car-gen3e-20-percent-higher-cpu-speed-automotive-infotainment-cockpit-and-digital
    (Zh) https://www.renesas.com/jp/zh/about/press-room/renesas-launches-r-car-gen3e-20-percent-higher-cpu-speed-automotive-infotainment-cockpit-and-digital
    (Jp) https://www.renesas.com/jp/ja/about/press-room/renesas-launches-r-car-gen3e-20-percent-higher-cpu-speed-automotive-infotainment-cockpit-and-digital
  • CPU performance is increased 20% by supporting up to 2GHz frequency over past products.
  • You can buy from here.

SW Release Information

Board name SW name Release date Note
R-Car Starter Kit ( Premier / Pro ) Yocto v5.9.0 (stable) [New!!] 2022/02/08
Kingfisher Infotainment Board Yocto v5.9.0 (stable) [New!!] 2022/02/14 To check for latest information, please refer to the meta-rcar/tree/v5.9.0.
Android 10 (stable) 2021/07/26 R-Car Starter Kit Premier(R-Car H3) + Kingfisher is supported.
R-Car Starter Kit Pro(RTP8J77961ASKB0SK0SA05A) + Kingfisher is also supported from 2021/11/25.
Android P (stable) 2020/09/29 R-Car Starter Kit Premier(R-Car H3) + Kingfisher is supported.
R-Car Starter Kit Pro(RTP8J77961ASKB0SK0SA05A) + Kingfisher is also supported from 2021/03/16.
CCPF-SK Board Yocto v5.9.0 (latest) [New!!] 2022/02/08 Prebuilt binary is available in Quick startup guide page. (Updated on 2022/03/18)

R-Car Starter Kit is available

R-Car Starter Kit information
Board Name SoC version Hardware information Where to buy
R-Car Starter Kit Premier (H3) v3.0 Click here Click here
R-Car Starter Kit Pro (M3) v3.0 Click here Click here

What is Automotive Grade Linux (AGL)?

https://www.automotivelinux.org/ https://docs.automotivelinux.org/en/marlin/

News and Events


Mailing List




Release plan (2022~) AGL version
Mar 2022 Magic Marlin(13.0.0)
Jul 2022 Nifty Needlefish(14.0.0)
Feb 2023 Optimistic Octopus (15.0.0)



AGL Documentation Site


Where to post questions about AGL


Support R-Car board Lists


Renesas BSP support lists

Renesas BSP version AGL Version Yocto Project version repo init option : -b xxxx repo init option : -m yyyy
Yocto v3.21.0 guppy 7.0.4 or later Rocko guppy Ex) guppy_7.0.4.xml
halibut 8.0.2 or later Thud halibut Ex) halibut_8.0.2.xml
icefish 9.0.x Thud icefish Ex) icefish_9.0.0.xml
jellyfish 10.0.x Dunfell jellyfish Ex) jellyfish_10.0.0.xml
Yocto v4.7.0 koi 11.0.x Dunfell koi Ex) koi_11.0.0.xml
lamprey 12.0.x Dunfell lamprey Ex) lamprey_12.0.0.xml
Yocto v5.5.0 Lamprey 12.1.0 Dunfell lamprey Ex) lamprey_12.1.0.xml
Yocto v5.9.0 lamprey 12.1.1 or later Dunfell lamprey Ex) lamprey_12.1.1.xml
Marlin 13.0.x Dunfell marlin Ex) marlin_13.0.0.xml

How to build

https://docs.automotivelinux.org/en/master/#0_Getting_Started/2_Building_AGL_Image/0_Build_Process/ https://docs.automotivelinux.org/en/master/#0_Getting_Started/2_Building_AGL_Image/5_3_RCar_Gen_3/

Manual steps (Exsample)

  1. Define Your Top-Level Directory
    export AGL_TOP=$HOME/AGL
    mkdir -p $AGL_TOP
  2. Download the repo Tool and Set Permissions
    mkdir -p $HOME/bin
    export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH
    curl https://storage.googleapis.com/git-repo-downloads/repo > $HOME/bin/repo
    chmod a+x $HOME/bin/repo
  3. Download the AGL Source Files
    cd $AGL_TOP
    mkdir koi
    export AGL_TOP=$HOME/AGL/koi
    cd $AGL_TOP
    repo init -b koi -u https://gerrit.automotivelinux.org/gerrit/AGL/AGL-repo
    repo sync
    Ex) Specify the manifest file(koi_11.0.1.xml) using -m option
    $ repo init -b koi -m koi_11.0.1.xml -u https://gerrit.automotivelinux.org/gerrit/AGL/AGL-repo
    Ex) Specify the master branch
    $ repo init -u https://gerrit.automotivelinux.org/gerrit/AGL/AGL-repo
  4. Downloading Proprietary Drivers
    How to check the file to download
    $ grep -rn ZIP_.= $AGL_TOP/meta-agl/meta-agl-bsp/meta-rcar-gen3/scripts/setup_mm_packages.sh
    export XDG_DOWNLOAD_DIR=$HOME/Downloads
    cp R-Car_Gen3_Series_Evaluation_Software_Package_* $XDG_DOWNLOAD_DIR/
    chmod a+rw $XDG_DOWNLOAD_DIR/*.zip
  5. Define Your Board
    export MACHINE=h3ulcb
    Ex) h3ulcb, h3ulcb-kf, m3ulcb, m3ulcb0-kf, etc..
  6. Run the aglsetup.sh Script
    source meta-agl/scripts/aglsetup.sh -m $MACHINE -b build agl-devel agl-demo
  7. Using BitBake
    bitbake agl-demo-platform

How to boot

Introducing the AGL Demos

Q&A site


FAQ site


This page is not complete yet.