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This is the official Wiki for Kingfisher Infotainment Board. Kingfisher Infotainment Board is an expansion board for R-Car Starter Kit.


Kingfisher Board Stock Information

  • Global Disty(Shimafuji) : Available
  • Japan Disty (Marutsu) : Available
    • Click here for detail

    New Camera Support

  • Yocto v3.21.0 supports the new Entron S001A190CM0A camera.
    • Please refer to FAQ for how to purchase.

    SW Release Information

    Board name SW name Release date Note
    R-Car Starter Kit ( Premier / Pro ) Yocto v4.1.0 2020/08/06 This version does not support MMP.
    GFX(except for Wayland/weston) is supported from 2020/09/23.
    Yocto v3.21.0 2019/07/09 New R-Car Starter Kit Pro(RTP8J77961ASKB0SK0SA05A) is supported from 2020/07/10.
    Kingfisher Infotainment Board Android P [New!!] 2020/09/29 Only R-Car Starter Kit Premier(R-Car H3) + Kingfisher is supported.
    Yocto v3.21.0 2019/08/07 To check for latest information, please refer to the meta-rcar.
    New R-Car Starter Kit Pro(RTP8J77961ASKB0SK0SA05A) is supported from 2020/08/02.
    Yocto v4.1.0 2020/10/23 This version does not support MMP.

    The URL for downloading "Multimedia and Graphics library and related Linux drivers" has changed.
    [OLD] https://www.renesas.com/us/en/solutions/automotive/rcar-download/rcar-demoboard.html
    [NEW] https://www.renesas.com/us/en/application/automotive/r-car-h3-m3-h2-m2-e2-documents-software

    Currently, when you download the package from the following site, the file name is automatically changed.
    See the "Required packages" chapter on each page.


    This section contains information about Kingfisher Board hardware.

    Board Layout

    Kfisher top specs.png

    Kfisher bot specs.png

    Hardware Features

    • Ethernet AVB phy
      • KSZ9031 phy
    • MOST interface
      • Support both 3-pin and 6-pin MLB interface
      • Pinout compatible with Microchip evaluation boards
    • LVDS camera interface
      • MAX9286 or TI960 deserializers
      • MIPI CSI2 bus
      • 5V, 9V or 12V selectable supply voltage for camera with current limiting
    • High quality 24-bit audio codec PCM3168A
      • 8 input channels (4 stereo jacks for microphone connection)
      • 6 line out channels (RCA connectors)
      • 6 HP outputs (3 stereo jack connectors for direct headphones connection)
      • 44100/48000 Hz sampling frequency
    • Two USB 3.0 ports
    • USB OTG port
    • SD card slot
      • SD card slot(CN47) supports only 3.3 signal voltage(= Default/High speed class only).
        • If you want to use other cards please use the slot(CN6) on the Starter Kit board.
    • Si4689 base AM/FM/DAB radio
      • Digital audio interface to R-Car M2 CPU
      • Additional flash storage for fast radio boot
      • Supply for active DAB antennas with current limit (5 or 12 V)
    • GPS/GLONASS receiver
      • Serial and i2c interface to R-Car
    • 9-axis sensor:
      • 3D digital linear acceleration sensor
      • 3D digital angular rate sensor
      • 3D digital magnetic sensor
    • WiFi/BT module Texas Instruments WL1837
    • HDMI
      • This board equipped with a HDMI transmitter (ADV7513BSWZ) which support HDMI1.4a.
      • The maximum resolution is 1920x1080i or 1280x720p and it connected Digital output port (RGB888) on R-Car Starter Kit.
    • Power supply: 12V, 9 Amps
      • The main power supply domain must be connected to an external AC adapter. The voltage is +12V DC.
      • DO NOT USE R-Car Starter kit AC adapter to connect this board or this board AC adapter to connect R-Car Starter kit. If connect wrong AC adapter then it has serious damage to the board.

    Where to buy

    • Kingfisher board can be ordered from following distributors:

    Click to buy Kingfisher board from SHIMAFUJI Electric - World Wide - Available
    Click to buy Kingfisher board from Marutsu - Japan only - Available

    • GMSL Camera board can be ordered from following distributors:

    Click to buy Kingfisher board from SHIMAFUJI Electric - World Wide - Available

    Official board documentation

    Change point

    Function M03 Board to M04 Board M04 Board to M05 Board M05 Board to M06 Board
    USB2.0 No difference No difference Change filter(L9), Diode(D6,D7)
    WIFI Unmount SMA connector(CN45,CN46) No difference No difference
    BLUETOOTH ADD Level conversion IC(U116) / Support BT AUDIO(HFP) No difference No difference
    SD CARD Change Power IC(U106) / Not support SD1.8V No difference Change Diode(D44,D45)
    SERIAL Change connector shape(CN4 Male to Female) No difference Change Diode(D19~D23)
    FPDLink No difference Delete function No difference
    Audio In No difference No difference Change Diode(D15~D17)
    Audio Out No difference No difference Delete Diode(D24~D40)
    POWER AMP ADD Reset Signal(nVRST) Delete function -
    MOST ADD Level conversion IC(U118) No difference Change MOST ↔ GPS Function select register (R661~R663) to select SW (SW7)
    GPS No difference No difference Change MOST ↔ GPS Function select register (R661~R663) to select SW (SW7)
    I2C No difference No difference Chabge I2C repeater (U1, U4)
    ETHER ADD Level conversion IC(U117) Delete function No difference

    The M06 board has improved the I2C error problem, Fixed a rare start-up problem when turned power on

      < Major modification on M06 >
    1. I2C error modification
      - Replace I2C repeater
      - Changing the resistance value
    2. Booting NG modification
      - Power stabilization
      - Sequence correction the kingfisher board start-up after StarterKit.
    3. Change of MOST-GPS switching method (SW 7)

    Kingfisher Yocto BSP

    Refer to Yocto page for steps necessary for making and running a Yocto image.

    Connection-confirmed Hardware information

    Connector No Function name Connection confirmed Hardware
    CN7 LVDS display BD101LCC1 https://boundarydevices.com/product/bd101lcc1-10-1-1280x800-display/
    CN10, CN11 LVDS camera IMI RDACM21(Need camera board: GMSL02)
    Leopard Imaging LI-OV10635-GMSL (Need camera board: GMSL02)
    Entron S001A190CM0A(Need camera board: GMSL02) NEW
    IMI RDACM24 (Need camera board: FPDL01)
    CN15 Mini PCIe Intel 512AN-MMW
    CN5 M.2 Transcend TS128GMTE850
    CN48 Raspberry Pi camera Raspberry Pi camera Rev 1.3(OV5647)
    Raspberry Pi camera Rev 2.0(IMX219)
    CN49 HDMI display GeChic Onlap 1502x, 1503x
    CN22 MOST "Physical+ Interface Board OS81092" and "OS81092 Audio Demo Board"
    CN29 CMOS camera https://www.amazon.com/dp/B013JO53AU
    CN16 GPS antenna https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R6NL5G6
    CN42 Radio antenna https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B073R7P8QB

    How to update of Sample Loader and MiniMonitor

    New version:

     Sample Loader: V3.02
     MiniMonitor: V3.02

    Down load:

    File:UpdateFile v302.zip


    Sample Loader and MiniMonitor version of LATEST SK is V5.08.
    DON'T update those SK.(You can update firmware(*) while SK and KF connected)
    Please check carefully before updating.

    Why update?:

    ComEx Mechanical Specification: Durability: 30 mating cycles.
    This new version(V3.02) can update firmware(*) while keeping Starter Kit(SK) and Kingfisher(KF) connected.
    (*)firmware: bootparam_sa0.srec, bl2-h3ulcb/m3ulcb.srec, cert_header_sa6.srec, bl31-h3ulcb/m3ulcb.srec, tee-h3ulcb/m3ulcb.srec, u-boot-elf.srec 

    How to update:

    1. Power off the KF and remove SK from KF
    2. Turn off SW5
      Remove SK from KF
    3. Set SW of SK as follows:
    4. SW1:OFF
    5. Power on the SK (This means that you need to prepare a 5V AC-adapter for SK)
    6. Press SW8
      SCIF Download mode starts
    7. Send the following file from console(Ex: minicom):
    8. type "ctrl+A S" and select upload method "ascii", then choose file for uploading the following file.
      Case of M3SK:
      Case of H3SK:
      NOTE: Under Linux, if you got problem transferring this file, it may because of special character in its name.
      Solution is to open a new terminal then manually launch the transfer with the following command with double quote around filename (Ex: serial link on ttyUSB0 for M3SK):
      # /usr/bin/ascii-xfr -dsv "BoardID_Writer_SCIF_64bit_ID=0x10(StarterKit-Pro_Rev1.0).mot" > /dev/ttyUSB0

      You can confirm the following log (Ex: M3SK):

      |  Board ID Writer V01 2017.06.23 |
       Product Code : R-Car M3 ES1.0
       Now Board ID : Unknown Board Rev7 (0xFF)
       New Board ID : Starter Kit Rev0 (0x10)
       Wrote Board ID : Starter Kit Rev0 (0x10)
      Writer Program End.
    9. Power off the SK
    10. Press SW8
    11. Set SW as follows:
    12. M3SK = SW6:OFF/ON/OFF/OFF
    13. Power on the SK
    14. Press SW8
      SCIF Download mode starts
    15. Send the following file from console:
    16. type "ctrl+A S" and select upload method "ascii", then choose file for uploading the following file.
      Case of M3SK:
      Case of H3SK:

      You can confirm the following log (Ex: M3SK):

      R-Car Gen3 Scif Download MiniMonitor V3.02 2017.07.04
       Work Memory     : SystemRAM
       Board Judge     : Used Board-ID	<-- Attention!!
       DDR_Init        : boardcnf[3] Starter Kit (M3SIP)
       Board Name      : Starter Kit Pro
       Product Code    : R-Car M3 ES1.0
    17. Flash AArch64_Gen3_H3_M3_SPI_LOADER_V3.02.mot. In console execute xls command (load program to hyper flash) and provide the following inputs:
    18. xls
      type "ctrl+A S" and select upload method "ascii", then choose file for uploading "AArch64_Gen3_H3_M3_SPI_LOADER_V3.02.mot", after upload finished press y key
    19. Flash AArch64_Gen3_Spi_MiniMon_V3.02_E6330000.mot. In console execute xls command (load program to hyper flash) and provide the following inputs:
    20. xls
      type "ctrl+A S" and select upload method "ascii", then choose file for uploading "AArch64_Gen3_Spi_MiniMon_V3.02_E6330000.mot", after upload finished press y key
    21. Power off the SK
    22. Press SW8
    23. Verify Sample Loader and MiniMonitor version
    24. SW1:OFF
       SW6[1]=OFF, SW6[2]=OFF, SW6[3]=OFF, SW6[4]=ON
       ws1.0: SW6[all]=OFF
       ws1.1/ws2.0: SW6[1]=ON, SW6[2]=ON, SW6[3]=OFF, SW6[4]=ON
      Press SW8

      You can confirm the following log (Ex: H3SK):

      R-Car Gen3 Sample Loader V3.02 2017.07.04		<-- !! V3.02 !!
       For Salvator , Kriek , and StarterKit.
       Board Judge     : Used Board-ID
       DDR_Init        : boardcnf[7] Salvator / Starter Kit (H3SIP_VER2.0)
       INITIAL SETTING : Starter Kit Premier / R-Car H3 ES2.0
       CPU             : AArch64 CA57
       DRAM            : LPDDR4 DDR3200
       DEVICE          : QSPI Flash(S25FS128) at 40MHz DMA
       BOOT            : Normal Boot
       BACKUP          : DDR Cold Boot
       jump to 0xE6330000
      R-Car Gen3 MiniMonitor V3.02 2017.07.04		<-- !! V3.02 !!
       Work Memory     : SystemRAM
       Board Name      : Starter Kit Premier
       Product Code    : R-Car H3 ES2.0
    25. Set SW(Kernel boot mode) as follows:
    26. SW1:ON
      M3SK = SW6[all]:ON
       ws1.0 = SW6:OFF/OFF/OFF/ON
       ws1.1 = SW6:ON/OFF/ON/ON
       ws2.0 = SW6[all]:ON
    27. You can update the firmware with SK connected to KF.
    28. How to update:

    Q&A site


    FAQ page



    How to get the SA001 Camera

    S001A Camera Specification:
    (S001 is the same camera with S002, just connector slightly different)
    - Image Sensor : AR0140AT
    - ISP : AP0101
    - Resolution : 1280x728

    This camera cannot be purchased from the online shop.
    If you want to get the Entron S001A190CM0A camera,
    please contact to "RenesasJa" from https://elinux.org/Special:EmailUser/RenesasJa
    Please fill in the followings in the email.
    - Name
    - Company name
    - Email address
    - Why you need it (as detailed as possible)
    - Required quantity
    Quantities are limited.
    Please understand that we cannot sell this camera to everyone.

    Known Issues

    1. USB3.0(CN2) cannot use with M3 SK.
    2. Please refer to the R-Car/Boards/Yocto-Gen3-CommonFAQ/I_can't_use_usb3.0(CN2)_with_Kingfisher_+_R-Car_Starter_Kit_Pro(M3SK)..
    3. H/W limitations
      - Board type name: "SBEV-RCAR-KF-M03"
       1. MOST is not supported.
      - Board type name: "SBEV-RCAR-KF-M03" and "SBEV-RCAR-KF-S03"
       1. BT-Audio(HFP)is not supported.
      - Board type name: "SBEV-RCAR-KF-M03", "SBEV-RCAR-KF-S03" and "SBEV-RCAR-KF-M04"
       1. Cannot use JTAG(CN3 on SK).
    4. Power supply
      SBEV-RCAR-KF-M03 and SBEV-RCAR-KF -S03 boards may not turn on even if you turn on SW6.
      In that case please turn on SW6 again.

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