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How to get the SA001 Camera

You can buy SA001 camera by asking RenesasJa.
Before contact to RenesasJa, please read below description carefully.
A quantity of cameras is limited.
Please understand that we cannot sell this camera to everyone.

S001A Camera Specification:
(S001 is the same camera with S002, just connector slightly different)

  • Image Sensor : AR0140AT
  • ISP : AP0101
  • Resolution : 1280x728

This camera cannot be purchased from the online shop.
If you want to get the Entron S001A190CM0A camera,
please contact to "RenesasJa" from "Email this user" of following site.
Please fill in the followings in the email.

  • Name
  • Company name
  • Email address
  • Why you need it (as detailed as possible)
  • Required quantity