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V3M Eagle Display Integration

V3M Eagle board features a display pipeline composed by:

  • DU LVDS encoder
  • LVDS/parallel decoder
  • HDMI encoder

To enable HDMI output on Eagle board ll the above components have to be supported and opportunely configured. The following branch collects patches not yet in mainline, based on Linux v4.16-rc1 required to enable support for the display pipeline

git://jmondi.org/linux v4.16-rc3/lvds-bridge-v5

Test procedure

Make sure the DU probes successfully at board boot time:

[    1.806092] [drm] Initialized rcar-du 1.0.0 20130110 for feb00000.display on minor 0
[    1.814372] [drm] Device feb00000.display probed

Please refer to R-Car/Devices#DU and R-Car/Tests:KMS-modetest test pages to verify the display pipeline is correctly configured.

Due to DRM framework not yet supporting mode propagation through DRM Bridges not all modes are reported as supported. The KMS test suite provides a test to cycle through available modes

root@Ubuntu-ARM64:~/kms-tests/tests# ./kms-test-modes.py 
Testing modes on connector HDMI-A-1: 13/36