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This guide will show you how to install forked-daapd on Debian Squeeze. Forked-Daapd is a Daapd and RSP server allowing streaming of music from the pi to iTunes and airplay enabled devices over the network. Most useful in my opinion is that it will also play music locally controlled remotely from any IOS device such as iPod touch, iPhone or iPad via the Apple remote app.

Forked-daapd is in the Debian repositories allowing it to be installed via apt-get, however only version 0.11 is in the stable tree and so we have to install it via backports to get the latest versin 0.19

Adding Backport Repositories:

From the command prompt

sudo nano /etc/apt./sources.list

Add the line

deb http://backports.debian.org/debian-backports squeeze-backports main

Ctrl+X to exit, Y to save followed by enter

Update apt-get

sudo apt-get update

Installing Forked-Daapd

sudo apt-get -t squeeze-backports install forked-daapd

Press y and return when prompted This should install successfully.

Configuring Forked-Daapd

Once installed the forked-daapd server will be started automatically, however we need to stop it while we configure it so that the changes are accepted

The following will stop the server

sudo /etc/init.d/forked-daapd stop

We will now edit the configuration file

sudo nano /etc/forked-daapd.conf

Change the line

directories = { "/srv/music" }

to point to wherever your music lives, I have mounted a USB drive with my library, the user "daapd" will require read access

Remove the # from before the line

card = "default"

This enables local play back on the pi

Ctrl+X to exit, Y to save followed by enter

Start forked-daapd back up

sudo /etc/init.d/forked-daapd start

Testing it worked

If it all went well, if you open iTunes on a computer connected to the same network a raspberrypi library should appear under shared, allowing you to stream music to you machine.

Enabling remote

If you have an ios device you can control the playback via the remote app, to set this up

Create a file where ever in the same directory as your music, it can be called anything but must have a .remote extension

touch /pi/music/temp.remote

Open it

nano /pi/music/temp.remote

Now add two lines, the first must be the exact name of your device (You can find this in Settings - General - About), the second is the passcode given by the remote app when adding a new library: for example:


Ctrl+X to exit, Y to save followed by enter

As soon as you do this the Remote app should add your library, in the 19-04 release of Debian ensure you enable sounds

sudo modprobe snd_bcm2835

If you have any problems change the logging level to info in the config and check the logs at /var/log/forked-daapd.log and post it here and ill try help you out.

It does seem to just stop streaming every so often which I am trying to figure out