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The idea/concept for a Community Magazine has been mentioned several times on the forums, and with a lot of community generated quality content available in various places, it seems like such a magazine can be produced (even if it is an electronic or eMagazine equivalent).
==Forum References==
Here are links to some of the discussions about producing such a magazine (some excellent ideas!):
* [http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum/educational-applications/slice-of-pi-raspberry-pi-magazine Slice of Pi/MagPi - Raspberry Pi Magazine]
* [http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum/educational-applications/slice-of-pi-raspberry-pi-magazine The Pi User - contributor request!]
* [http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum/off-topic/r-pi-magazine-out-now-cough R-Pi magazine out now (cough)]
* [http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum/general-discussion/raspi-magazine-type-publication-website Raspi magazine (/type publication/website)]
* [http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum/off-topic/raspberry-pi-and-programming-in-linux-for-dummies "RASPBERRY PI (and programming in Linux) FOR DUMMIES"]
A "joke" magazine cover!
[http://www.clivebeale.com/stuff/pimag.pdf Example of Raspberry Pi Magazine Concept] (posted by forum user Clive [http://www.clivebeale.com]).
==Magazine Sites==
There are currently a few sites which are aiming to produce a community magazine.
* [http://themagpi.wordpress.com/ The Mag Pi]
* [http://www.thepiuser.co.uk The Pi User]
==Publication Plans/Ideas==
===Idea/Suggestion: On-line Magazine with periodic eMagazine Publication===
Suggested process:
1. Publish the articles on the blog/site etc as and when they are ready (or perhaps at set point spread over the month/quarter depending on content).  Budding writers can even proto-type their articles in the wiki if they feel they need input from others before submitting.
2. The site can be set-up to have a home page with a magazine style index front end, where each regular article gets linked etc.  Some basic tile type (metro) index could be quite effective (with hopefully not too much work once setup).
3. Articles can be made available though RSS so people can have the latest article delivered when they are available.
4. After each cycle (whatever the period ends up being), the articles are collected and formulated into a magazine format, ideally nice online flippable format [http://issuu.com/] (suggested by Deep Thought), and of course downloadable format (pdf or ebook etc) which people can read on their ereaders or print out (consideration should be given for b/w printing and reading on ereaders too - separate compact version dropping backgrounds or something?).  Again this can probably be delivered through RSS and through kindle (depending on how the magazine subscription process works for kindle).
=Get Involved!=
==Donated Content==
If you are blog writer or you already have content which you are happy to be used in the magazine then please add links here (or create suitable wiki page for the content).
Note: Please confirm you are happy for the content to be used (and edited if needed)
      in the context of this magazine and to be distributed etc (and your work is
      original - including photos etc).
===Confirmed Content/Support===
Add links/details here.
* TJZ's - Raspberry pi papercase (link required) is perfect to be included in such a project. [http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum/educational-applications/slice-of-pi-raspberry-pi-magazine/page-2/#p51900][http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum/educational-applications/slice-of-pi-raspberry-pi-magazine/page-2/#p51990]
===Spotted Potential Content===
List here any content which you've seen in blogs or on sites which would be ideal in the magazine.
The author(s) can be approached and asked if they are willing to donate/contribute to the magazine.
* For introduction to RPi, articles like ukscone's story of the rpi (currently in it's 3rd part)[http://russelldavis.org/2012/01/14/the-raspberry-pi-part-one/]. ([[user:meltwater | meltwater]] 12MAR12)
* Tufty has done an excellent [http://h2g2.com/dna/h2g2/A13735596 article on h2g2] which covers a lot of the beginners information needed by most. ([[user:meltwater | meltwater]] 12MAR12)
==Article Ideas==
Add to and list any ideas for articles you would like to see and/or write below.
Note: If you want to write the article within the wiki (so you can get help from others)
      then feel free to create a wiki page below for your article, use name "RPi Mag xxxx"
      with suitable short name.
Add links/details here.
* Liz being a foodie, hopefully may be willing to provide us with a nice Raspberry Pi recipe...would make a nice article, with follow up of peoples pics... ([[user:meltwater | meltwater]] 12MAR12)
Add links/details here.
==Photographers/illustrators and Images==
A key aspect will be to have some quality images to use in the magazine formatting and presentation.
If you are a keen photographer/illustrator then please send us links to any photos (i.e. on Flicker/Photobucket etc) you have which we can freely use for the magazine.  Images can be directly related to using the Raspberry Pi, or abstract (useful for backgrounds and providing style), or perhaps directly related to an article you've seen, or would like to see or want to write.
Perhaps we can include a section as a photography competition too.
Note: Please confirm you are happy for the content to be used (and edited if needed)
      in the context of this magazine and to be distributed etc (and your work is
==Editors/Graphic Designers==
In order to produce the formatted version of the magazine we will need some skilful people who can make the content look visually appealing, as well as ensuring the content is correct and legible (typos etc).
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