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Hardware & Peripherals:

Hardware and Hardware History.

Low-level Peripherals and Expansion Boards.

Screens, Cases and Other Peripherals.

Software & OS Distributions:

Software and Distributions


Documentation Page

The Undocumented Pi

Note: All datasheets, documents and Trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.

Published Datasheets

User Guides

Raspberry Pi Model A/Model B Layout Diagram

Hardware / Software Datasheets

Raspberry Pi Processor Broadcom System-On-Chip:

BCM2835 ARM Peripherals - (BCM2835 datasheet errata) GPIO Datasheet Addendum - GPIO Pads Control

ARM 11 CPU Core:


Model B LAN Chip:

(LAN9512) Data Brief | (LAN9512) Datasheet)

Mechanical Data

Production Boards (2012 Q1):

none available yet

Beta Boards:

Gert's Beta Boards Mechanical Data


Production Boards (2012 Q1):

none available yet

Beta Boards:

Beta Board PCB Layers Screenshot

Beta Board PCB Layers Screenshot, labelled version

Additional Published Information

Power Supply Details:

Detailed explanation of the Beta board power supply

Preliminary power supply schematic, Beta board

Documentation Projects

Frambozenier.org Datasheets:

Frambozenier.org Documentation Project Datasheets - Selection of detailed datasheets on the Raspberry Pi (developed on the wiki, reviewed then published).